VBA - scraping websites videos | Excel VBA Part 57.6 - Working with Multiple Tabs in Selenium

Posted by Andrew Gould on 03 May 2021

The video shows you how to open and work with multiple tabs in Google Chrome using Selenium Basic for VBA. You'll learn how to use the window.open javascript method, how to pass a URL into the method's parameter and how to switch to the tab that was opened. You'll also see how to open multiple tabs and loop through them to extract information before closing each one down. The final example in the video shows how to navigate to the Yahoo Finance website and extract a table of data for each date in a drop down list.

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This video has the following accompanying files:

File name Type Description
Working with Multiple Tabs in Selenium.xlsm Excel workbook with macros

Click to download a zipped copy of the above files.

There are no exercises for this video.

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30 Nov 21 at 05:54

Hi Andrew,

You are really savior and prompt in answering our queries. Last time your advice made my day!

I want to open the following link, with my credentials (User Id and Password) by SendKeys in input box through Selenium (VBA-Excel), but problem is It is showing NosuchElement


Could You Please help again :)

30 Nov 21 at 08:13

Hi! I don't know what code you've written but this is fairly standard, all the elements have unique Ids so they're fairly easy to reference. The following code works: 

Private cd As Selenium.ChromeDriver

Sub LoginToMoney()

    Dim LoginForm As Selenium.WebElement
    Dim EmailInput As Selenium.WebElement
    Dim PasswordInput As Selenium.WebElement
    Dim LoginButton As Selenium.WebElement
    Set cd = New Selenium.ChromeDriver
    cd.Get "https://accounts.moneycontrol.com/mclogin/"
    Set LoginForm = cd.FindElementByCss("#login_form")
    Set EmailInput = LoginForm.FindElementByCss("#email")
    Set PasswordInput = LoginForm.FindElementByCss("#pwd")
    Set LoginButton = LoginForm.FindElementByCss("#ACCT_LOGIN_SUBMIT")
    EmailInput.SendKeys "my email address"
    PasswordInput.SendKeys "my password"
End Sub

I hope it helps.

30 Nov 21 at 14:17

Hi Andrew, you rock !

awesome.. may the force be with you

29 Jun 21 at 11:39

First of all, I would like to appreciate the content you shared with us and the way you explained Selenium use in VBA.  I didn't get it anywhere else. I am enjoying using it in my programs. But I am facing one problem and not getting the solution anywhere.

Can I keep the Browser (Web page) open even after quitting the Sub/Function. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance



29 Jun 21 at 12:29

Hi there,

The browser remains open as long as the variable you use to reference it remains in scope. In the video you can see that the browser remains open even when the subroutine ends because the variable is declared at the module level. You can declare the variable as Public to extend its scope even further.

I hope that helps!

30 Jun 21 at 00:09

Thank you so much for your prompt response. It solved my problem. It really means a lot to me!!  Thanks again  :)

Andrew G  
30 Jun 21 at 07:33

You're very welcome!