Video shorts from Wise Owl

What are Wise Owl shorts?

We've been publishing training videos on our website for some years now, and have built up quite a collection.

Each series of videos is designed to teach you a specific topic in a structured way, and has to fit into the context of the video training series to which it belongs.

For some time now, we've wanted the freedom to publish short one-off videos on specific topics, where those videos don't necessarily fit into a structured course. That's what our shorts are!

Wise Owl shorts tend to be a bit more informal than our training videos, and are nearly always (the clue's in the name!) quite a lot shorter.

What other free resources do you have online?

Here's a complete list of the free resources that you can access on this site:

Resource Notes
Blogs Our blogs include online training pages, help on specific subjects and random musings about software, the Universe and everything!
Training exercises We publish all of the exercises from our classroom and online training courses on our website.
Self-paced online courses Full self-paced training courses that you can take online (currently we have one published in Excel VBA).
Video shorts This section of our website includes short videos which don't necessarily form part of a structured training course.
Skills tests You can test your skills in a range of subjects by answering 20 questions in a given time period, and can then compare your answers with thousands of other people who have taken the same test.
Training videos At the time of writing we have 388 video tutorials on our website, although we're adding to the number all the time.

What paid training do you offer?

In between publishing oodles of free training resources as above, we somehow find time to fit in the day job (providing excellent business-to-business classroom and online training). We offer two main types of course:

Type of course How it works
Scheduled courses We publish a full range of courses open to the public (you can see a single-sheet PDF listing our current course schedule here). There will be a maximum of 5 people on any course. Our current venues are London and Manchester.
Tailored courses If you have a group of up to 6 people who want training you can arrange a tailored course, either at your venue (in which case we will provide and set up the necessary equipment) or online.
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