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We don't claim to be saints, but we do believe we're unusual in the lengths we go to to avoid these nasties.

Annoyance How we avoid it
Pushiness We don't have dedicated sales staff; if you call us, you'll probably speak to Rachel or Andy (you'll almost never get an answering-machine).  We don't follow up quotations or information that we send out (we assume that you're adult enough to contact us if you're interested, so we don't pester).  And we will never contact you without your consent (we send out a newsletter once a month to those who subscribe; that's it!).
Greed There's nothing worse when you buy a product or service than being immediately pestered for payment, before you've even received what you bought.  Provided you work for a company with more than 5 staff, we won't by default invoice for training until after it takes place.
Exploitation It's dangerous to be sanctimonious in business, but we can find no possible benefit that tobacco or gambling companies bring to the world (but quite a lot of harm) so we choose not to work for them.  Sorry.
Unreliability We don't employ freelance trainers, so we can't provide 100% guarantee that we won't cancel courses, but we come very close to it.
Waste We've been recycling our waste since we started in 1992, long before it became fashionable.  Our cardboard/paper is collected every 2 weeks, and we collect our other recycling ourselves.

When the UK went into lockdown in March 2020 we had a record order book, and every client had signed a no-cancellation guarantee.  Despite this we made the decision that it would not be ethical to enforce this, and let all of our clients cancel their booked courses without charge.

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