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Wise Owl - no pester guarantee

We hate companies who pester! 

Nominations for the worst offenders include a well-known computer company (who change our account manager every few months, and contact us each time they do this) and a well-known Telecoms company (for persistence in sending out invitations to sign up with them, even when we were already a client).

We try hard to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.  So:

Promise Details
No spam We send out newsletters once a month - that's it.  Every such newsletter or email that we send contains a single-click unsubscribe button.  Once you've unsubscribed in this way you won't get any more emails from us (unless, of course, they're to do with course enquiries that you have made).
No unsolicited phone calls Unless you request us to, we won't ever call you (unless we've been unable to reach you by email after you've made an enquiry).
No persistence! If you've made an enquiry with us, we may follow it up by email once a month or so later to see if you've made a decision or need any more help (although we usually don't).  Thereafter you won't hear from us again, as we assume you're adult enough to make your own decisions.
No other companies We will never pass your contact details on to any third party, nor will we ever send out emails or any other correspondence on behalf of any other company. 

Above all, we'll try to help you meet your training needs - we like to think we help companies towards making the right decision for their business, whether or not that decision involves Wise Owl.

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