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If you have two or more people who want training on the same thing it may be worth considering booking an onsite training course at your company's premises (or at our training venue in London or Manchester). 

Onsite training

For onsite training, we will provide and set up laptops to use at no extra charge.

Here's how this works:

  1. You get a rough idea of what you want to cover.
  2. You decide where you want the training to take place (we can provide a set of 6 training laptops, if required, and will set everything up for you).
  3. You call us or contact us to float the idea (there's no commitment at all on your part at this stage, and we won't pester you if you decide not to go ahead with anything).
  4. We tell you if the training would work, and perhaps suggest changes.
  5. We send you a quote by email for how much the training would cost, together with available dates.

The beauty of a tailored training course is that you can choose everything!  This includes:

  • The venue (your place or ours ...)
  • The dates
  • The start and end time
  • The number of people on the course

There are 3 constraints: we don't work at weekends or in the evening (sorry), don't give half-day courses and won't train more than 8 people at a time (we would prefer if at all possible to limit your maximum course size to 6).

To talk through what you're trying to achieve, call us or send through your requirements

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