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Use Wise Owl Training laptops | make onsite training easier

Organising training courses can be a thankless job, and we try to make it as easy as we possibly can.  If you're organising tailored training for your company, we can give you four options:

  1. Run the training course at your company's premises, using your equipment;

  2. Run the course at one of our venues (currently London or Manchester), using (obviously) our equipment; or

  3. Run the course at your company's premises, but using Wise Owl laptops; or

  4. Organise a live online course.

Wise Owl laptop

A typical Wise Owl laptop (the mouse seems to have scurried away for this photo).

The advantage of the third option is that it makes it easy for your staff to get to the course, it's cheap, and above all it's easy! 

We currently have 5 travelling laptop sets, each of which includes:

  • 6 (or in some cases 8) laptops with 15" screens and separate mice

  • A projector and (long) cable

  • Duck tape and extension cables

In fact, the only thing that we need from you is a sufficiently large room, a spare power socket or two and (ideally) a flip chart or white board.  Oh, and a wall or screen for projecting onto.

For a typical course the trainer will arrive on the first day about an hour before the official start time to set up all of the equipment from scratch.  On the last day the trainer will stay behind to put all of the equipment away, so that you'd never know he or she had been!

How much does it cost extra to hire our laptops?  Nothing.

We do have an ulterior motive: we want to be sure that the computers on your course run quickly and have the correct software installed!

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