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We don't use freelancers ( here's why), so your course will be given (or organised) by one of these good people, listed here by alphabetical order of first name:

Andrew Gould

Andrew has a first-class degree in Biology, trained as a teacher, and studied for a PhD on the evolution of East African cichlid fish. He is thus one of the few people in the world who is an expert on both Lake Malawi cichlid fish and Visual Basic for Applications! Andrew Gould

Andy Brown

Andy also has a first-class degree (Economics and Statistics, this time - clever people, these owls). At work he maintains the various Wise Owl websites and still delivers occasional training courses, and in his leisure time he does crosswords, cycles and plays football (reasonably well for his age) and squash (badly). Andy Brown

Dave Wakefield

Dave has a degree in Physics from King's College London. He has a large collection of antique scientific instruments, but reserves his main passion for gliding (although he seems to spend a disproporionately large amount of time on the ground, doing his gliding club's accounts). Dave Wakefield

Rachel Brook

Rachel has a degree in Maths and PE from Reading, and worked as a teacher in the UK before moving to Zanzibar to become a teacher trainer (through VSO). Several roads later find her at Wise Owl! Out of the office she enjoys gardening, and especially watching the taddies evolve each year in her pond. Rachel Brook

Rick Gould

Rick has a degree in Psychology from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is a qualified teacher and (prior to Wise Owl) was a Deputy Headteacher in primary education. When he’s not working, he spends his time with his two young children, tackling all manner of DIY and writing picture books. Rick Gould

Sam Lowrie

With a degree in Psychology from the University of Glasgow, Sam will undoubtedly be worried about the rest of the Owls' mental states! When he isn't trying to be funny, he enjoys dancing away at ceilidhs in full kilt or hunting down dragons with friends. Sam Lowrie

Shaun Wantling

Shaun left university as a qualified sound and video engineer before embarking on a career in finance. He then made the move into training, and has never looked back! Shaun divides his time between training for triathlons and entertaining his 3 children. Shaun Wantling

Simone Tyler-Gould

Simone has a degree in Marketing from Lancaster University. She is a qualified Primary school teacher. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her two young children, gardening and painting. Simone Tyler-Gould
Finally despite being one of the founders of Wise Owl Jenny is strangely reluctant to have her photo published on our website! We can reveal that she spends much of her spare time helping out as ED/RD at her local parkrun and singing in an award-winning ladies’ barbershop chorus ...
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