To enable social distancing we've completely remodelled our classroom training, launched a full range of live online courses and now provide online training-cum-consultancy.

Classroom training in a post-coronavirus world

We've completely remodelled our classroom training to allow you to learn safely.

New classroom layout

We've completely revamped our classroom layout in both Manchester and London. For example, here's what our Manchester classroom layout was like up to mid-March 2020:

Old classroom layout

Our old Manchester classroom layout was sociable, and included seats for up to 8 delegates.

Here's the new layout for Manchester, with seats for up to 5 people:

New classroom layout for Manchester

If you'd like a larger copy of the diagram above so that you can check the distances for yourself, please let us know and we'll be happy to oblige.

And here's the new layout for London, with capacity for up to 4 people:

New classroom layout - London

Again, full diagram and measurements available on request!

Finally, here's a cheeky picture of the new classroom layout for Manchester, to give you an idea of the extent of our changes:

New classroom layout

The new layout provides much more space between desks (albeit at the expense of accommodating less people).

Despite cutting the numbers on courses from 6 to 5 (Manchester) and from 6 to 4 (London) we are keeping our prices the same, ensuring that we bear the cost of the Coronavirus pandemic, not you.

Individual supplies of course refreshments

Previously we had a communal supply of milk and biscuits, but now each delegate has their own individual provision. So no more communal milk:

Communal milk

Each person gets their own supply of milk.

And no more communal teabags either:

Communal tea bags

You get your own supply of tea bags and sugar (coffee is still via Tassimo capsules).

Or communal biscuits, for that matter:


You even get your own supply of biscuits!

Individual supplies of sanitising equipment

The best person to look after your health is ... you! So every delegate will have a cleansing station box for their own personal use, which includes antibacterial wipes, hand sanitiser, a box of tissues and non-latex gloves:

Cleansing station

We will be asking all delegates to use hand sanitiser as soon as they enter the room (and every time they re-enter) as well as before and after using any of the coffee machines or kettles.

Other measures

Other measures we've introduced include the following:

Measure Notes
A later start time We know that people often come to our courses by pu blic transport.  To help you to avoid the crowds, we're now starting our courses at 10am rather than 09:30.
Face masks We will post out a face mask to anyone who has to travel on public transport to their Wise Owl course.
Individual lunches We've suspended our restaurant lunches for now, and will instead give vouchers to individuals to buy their own lunches from local sandwich shops.
Extra cleaning measures We've put in place extra cleaning measures throughout the building and in the classroom, especially for frequently touched surfaces.

If you use the PayByPhone app, many Manchester car parks are £5 (+20p app fee) for 24 hour parking at the moment, including the Major St car park directly opposite our training venue. For London walking to our venue is a good option.

If you have any questions or worries about our classroom training set-up (or anything else), please use the form below to ask!

Alternatively, call us on (0161) 883 3606 to speak to an owl.

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