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28 May 20 at 07:49

Hi Andrew,

I'm very impressed with your teaching style. I want to learn these below topics from you. Can you please upload 2 videos on these topics?

001) How to auto fill Web Form using Excel Worksheet Data through VBA? Once it fills up the entire Form, the Submit Button (in Web Form) will be clicked automatically to store the Data in Server. And, then proceed to the next Row of Excel Data. This is how the entire procedure goes on till it reaches the Last Cell in Worksheet.

002) How to convert Word to PDF, PDF to Word or Excel to PDF and PDF to Excel using VBA?

29 May 20 at 10:53

Hi there, we do already have a video on saving an Excel workbook as a PDF which you can see here https://www.wiseowl.co.uk/vba-macros/videos/vba-files-folders/save-as-pdf/

The technique for Word is essentially the same, using the ExportAsFixedFormat method.

It's unlikely that I'll create a video to answer your first question but we do have videos on the individual techniques you'll need to make this work.  We have a whole section of our online training course devoted to looping through collections https://www.wiseowl.co.uk/online-training/excel-vba/collections-for-each/

We also have several videos which describe how to work with websites using VBA https://www.wiseowl.co.uk/vba-macros/videos/vba-scrape-websites/

All you have to do is put it all together!  I hope that helps and thank you for your comments!

01 Jun 20 at 09:44

Thank you Andrew, You've always been my inspiration. What you've been doing for Human, cannot be expressed in words. After learn VBA, I wish to go for Python and Oracle to boost up my career. Because, in our country India, these 2 languages are in demand most for Data Analysis. Hope, you'll uploading videos on these 2 languages on YouTube in near future. 

Rachel Owl  
03 Jun 20 at 09:59

On behalf of Andrew, who is temporarily furloughed, thank you!  I don't think we will ever do Oracle, but Python is a good possibility.

11 Apr 19 at 17:02

I would like to thank you all for wonderful job you have done. 

I am 54 years old and I'm from Moscow. I started to learn VBA a few month ago and realized that it's almost impossible to find fine courses for VBA in Russia and on areas of the World Wide Web. Fortunately I've found your web-site and what can i say - you are brilliant. 

Special thank to Andrew Gould. He is my hero from now. 

Thank you all!!!

12 Apr 19 at 08:35

Thank you for the lovely feedback and we're pleased to hear that you've found the website useful so far!

19 Apr 19 at 20:04

Thank you, Andrew!

22 May 17 at 15:24

Hi Andrew,

Thanks so much for your tutorials. It shaped my knowledge on excel vba. I would like to know if any chance to create tutorials on creating DLL files & using it in VBA macros, will be very useful for our community. I see there are no good training materials available on tihs topic.

25 May 17 at 13:17

Hi, I'm happy to hear that you've found the tutorials so useful.  As to the topic you've suggested, it's not possible to use VBA to create a DLL so you'd need to learn another language in order to do this, perhaps VB or C#.  You can find quite a few resources on this topic already - here's the first link Google returned to me http://www.geeksengine.com/article/create-dll.html

I hope that helps!

20 Apr 17 at 08:37

This is the  best ever free  material  you can  use. you can surf million of pages on internet, but you can not  find such a rich,comprehensive and  well designed  free training.  I really enjoyed your sql server tutorials and I can now write my own scipts.

13 Apr 17 at 22:24

I'm very much impressed by Mr.Andrew Gould .He is indeed the best teacher (with very calm voice and amazingly impressive teaching skills) iIve ever come across. He is very engaging and the way he teaches us (whether its SSRS,SQL or SSIS) is very learnable. I thank Wise Owlfor making efforts like these for people they actually don't know..Unknowingly theyre helping people to get a decent livelihood irrespective of their nationality,religion or race.Thank you!

19 May 19 at 20:22

Totally agree! Wise Owl is wonderful sourse of knowledge in this field!