SQL video tutorials

As well as a series of 30 or so videos showing you how to program in SQL (from writing simple queries through to creating complicated stored procedures), we've also got videos on how to install and use SQL Server 2016.

Category Description Videos
Selecting data in SQL Basic SQL teaching (roughly equivalent to the topics on our Introduction to SQL course). 12
Advanced SQL (programming) Creating stored procedures and user-defined functions, using variables, working with temporary tables and table variables, and all aspects of SQL programming (roughly equivalent to the contents of our Advanced SQL course). 18
SQL Server 2016 Videos on how to perform some useful system maintenance and admin tasks for SQL Server 2016. 9
SQL Server 2017 Videos on how to get started with SQL Server 2017 so that you can follow along with some of our other video series. 3

Just click on any of the links above to see a complete listing for that category of SQL videos. If you prefer learning in an interactive way, you can see all of our classroom and online SQL courses here (and get to meet the owls behind the videos!).

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