Business Intelligence video tutorials

Our video training series for Business Inteligence products include videos on Reporting Services, Integration Services and PowerPivot.

Category Description Videos
Reporting Services - Introduction If you want to learn Reporting Services, you could do worse than to watch this series of videos (although there's no substitute for the real thing).  These videos use SSRS 2012, but you'll be able to use them for any version of SSRS from 2008 R2 through to 2017 (nothing much has changed with regard to the SSRS report designer). 20
Reporting Services - Advanced This series of videos teaches some more advanced SSRS concepts, like custom assemblies and the use of variables (it's roughly based on our Advanced SSRS course).  Like the introduction to SSRS videos, these use 2012, but will be useful for you whichever version of SSRS you're using (from 2008 R2 all the way through to 2017). 6
SSRS 2016 This set of videos show how the basics of how to install and work with Reporting Services 2016. 5
Integration Services You should be able to teach yourself Integration Services by watching this series of tutorials (that is, if you're not lucky enough to live in the UK, and so be able to attend our classroom SSIS courses). 19
PowerPivot PowerPivot allows you to create pivot tables based upon data taken from multiple sources, as this series of videos will show (which mirrors our two-day PowerPivot classroom course). 20

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