Training videos for learning POWER BI

Power BI - 2 videos

Power BI Part 1.1 - Installing Power BI Desktop

Posted by Andrew Gould on 03 June 2019

This first video in the Power BI tutorial explains how to install the Power BI Desktop application both from a standalone installer and from the Microsoft Store. You'll see how to run the software for the first time and how to sign in to a Power BI account.

Power BI Part 1.2 - Creating and Publishing Your First Report

Posted by Andrew Gould on 03 June 2019

This video gives you an overview of building a Power BI report from scratch, through to publishing it to the Power BI service. You'll learn the basics of getting data from Excel workbooks and text files and how to use the Power Query Editor to transform the data before it's loaded into your data model. You'll also see how to create relationships between tables along with some other simple data modelling tasks. You'll learn how to create visualisations in a report such as tables, charts, gauges and maps as well as how to control the interactions between those visuals. You'll discover how to use slicers to allow users to filter data in the report and how to make those slicers easy to use on different devices. You'll see several formatting features including conditional formatting in charts, tables and maps. Finally, you'll learn how to upload a report to the Power BI service and then publish it so that the whole world can see it!

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