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The best courseware in the computer training industry?

Our courseware isn't necessarily the best in the computer training industry, but ... we've never seen any which is nearly as good. Judge for yourself!

Our course manuals

Here's a typical page spread from one of our manuals:

A page taken more or less at random from one of our manuals.

We have strict rules to ensure that all of our courseware manuals are produced to the same standard. You can see a sample chapter from any courseware manual, or even license our courseware.

Our exercises

We must surely be unique in publishing all of our exercises online! So you don't have to guess what your course exercises will look like - you can see for yourself:

A reasonably typical exercise.

Wise Owl pens

Whether you're booked onto a classroom or online training course, you'll get a really nice Wise Owl pen to write with:

Our pens are surprisingly good!

USB stick

To make it easier to transfer files from our computers to yours at the end of a course, we also provide a USB stick:

The design of these changes from time to time, as does the size - currently our USB sticks hold 4 gb of data.

All this, and a notepad too!

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