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30 years in business
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30 years in business
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Licensing Wise Owl courseware

Wise Owl will license use of our courseware, subject to the following conditions:

Condition Notes
Minimum order Our minimum order is 20 manuals at a time, with a price of £50 (plus VAT where applicable) per copy.  The minimum number of copies of any single manual is 10 (so for example you could order 10 SQL and 10 SSRS manuals, but not 5 copies each of four separate manuals).  For larger orders we will consider reducing the per-copy price and relaxing these rules a bit.
Paper format We will not provide electronic copies of our courseware.  Manuals will be provided as bound documents (we're happy to use any front/back covers that you provide for this).
Branding Be aware that our courseware contain Wise Owl hints throughout, so that it would be impossible to remove our branding.
Payment For first orders for courseware we would usually require payment in advance.  All orders are subject to a delivery charge, passed on at cost.
Competitors We would not usually sell courseware to competitors with a UK presence, for obvious reasons.

An example order

Here's an example order:

The total price of this order would be:

  • 10 * £50 for the introductory SQL manual, plus
  • 20 * £50 for the advanced SQL manual, plus
  • 30 * £50 for the SSRS manual.

Thus the total invoice for this would be £3,000 plus any delivery costs incurred by us plus VAT if applicable.  For orders from outside the European Union typical delivery costs would be £200, and VAT would not normally be applicable.

What to do next

The best thing to do in the first instance is to have a look at the courseware we have available.

We also have older versions of courseware available for licensing, as well as Microsoft Project (up to version 2010, Visio (up to 2010) and Publisher (up to 2010) manuals.

When you've decided what you'd like, get in contact and we'll reply with a quotation. 

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