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Python training courses

This page is full of training resources to help you to learn to program in Python quickly and efficiently.

Python classroom training

Python classroom training

We currently run the following classroom training courses in Python:

Alternatively, why not organise your own onsite Python course, or have a look at the extensive changes we've made to our classroom training to allow social distancing.

Python classroom training

Online Python training

We have the following online Python training courses available:

Not sure if online training is for you? We've created a detailed page for you to see exactly how our online courses work (probably better than you think!).

Other Python training resources

There are many ways in which we can help you learn Python, as the list below shows.

Try our Python exercises

You can test your Python skills by trying one of our online exercises.

Videos on Python

We've got the following Python tutorial videos.

Python training venues

We run Python courses in the following venues (as well as onsite at your premises).

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