Our Manchester training centre

We run our courses in the North-West from our training centre in Barlow House, just a few minutes' walk from Piccadilly Station and right in the centre of Manchester.  The address is:

Wise Owl Training
Barlow House
Minshull Street
M1 3DZ

The easiest way to get to the training centre is to go by train to Piccadilly, from where it's about 5 minutes' walk (we've also marked some local car parks on the map below, for those who prefer to drive):

Here's what our training rooms look like:

Manchester training room

This is the smaller of the two rooms.

Here's what the training centre looks like from the outside:

Barlow House

For directions to our training centre, download this PDF.

If you need accommodation, below are just 3 of the many hotels within 10 minutes' walk of our training centre (we have no affiliation with any of these - just trying to make people's lives easier!):

Hotel Type Walking distance
Saco apartments Apartments 1 minute
Premier Inn Hotel 5 minutes
IBIS Hotel 4 minutes

You can see these marked on the following map (let your mouse linger over each of the Monopoly hotel symbols to see the address):

Finally, you may like to know that we also hire out our Manchester computer training rooms!

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