VBA training - Visual Basic for Applications courses

If you need to learn VBA, you've come to the right page! Whether you want VBA classroom training courses, exercises, blog articles or an online tutorial, the links below will help.

Visual Basic for Applcations classroom training

VBA classroom training

We run the following VBA programming training courses:

Can't see the course you want? Have a look at our onsite Visual Basic for Applcations training page.

Not sure which course you want? We've put together a page explaining what you can hope to learn from our VBA courses.

Other Visual Basic for Applcations training (and consultancy) resources

Visual Basic for Applcations courseware

Sample VBA course manuals to download

To help you evaluate whether to entrust yourself to a Wise Owl VBA training course, we've provided some sample courseware chapters:

Visual Basic for Applcations videos

Videos on VBA

To help you to solve problems with VBA, we've written a variety of blogs (including giving full instructions for writing a Flappy Owl game!):

Visual Basic for Applcations consultancy

Consultancy and software development in VBA

No one knows VBA like Wise Owl; and no one has the same ability to write complex systems AND then explain how they work:

Visual Basic for Applcations exercises

Try our VBA exercises

To continue the spirit of transparency, we've published all of our Excel VBA exercises online:

Visual Basic for Applcations training venues

VBA training venues

Most of our VBA courses run in the following locations, although we'll run tailored courses throughout the UK - and abroad:

Visual Basic for Applcations book

VBA books or publications

If you're trying to teach yourself VBA, you might find the following book useful:

Visual Basic for Applcations blogs

Blogs on VBA

We've blogged extensively on Visual Basic for Applications macros - mainly for Excel, but also for Access and other MS Office applications:

Visual Basic for Applcations skills assessment

Test your VBA skills

Assess your knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications programming:

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