Training videos for learning VBA - WORKING WITH FILES

We have 4 VBA - working with files videos listed below. You might also like to consider booking a place on one of our online or classroom VBA courses, where you will meet the owls behind the videos!

Excel VBA Part 22 - Files and Folders

Posted by Andrew Gould on 03 March 2014

The Scripting Runtime Object Library allows you to easily write code in an Excel VBA project which can manipulate the file and folder structure of your computer. It's and incredibly useful, although potentially quite dangerous thing to be able to do and this video will show you how. You'll learn how to reference the Scripting Runtime Library, what a FileSystemObject is and how to use it and how to perform various methods such as create folders, copy and move files and even how to delete them. Towards the end of the video you'll see how to loop over a collection of files in a single folder and then, as an encore, how you can loop through the complete set of folders and subfolders from a given starting point.

Excel VBA Part 23 - Text Files

Posted by Andrew Gould on 10 March 2014

The Scripting Runtime Object Library allows you to write VBA code to create, open, read from and write to text files using very simple methods. This video teaches you how to work with tab-delimited and comma-separated value files including how to create them, append data to them and how to read from them. The video also includes a section on using text functions for parsing the contents of a text file and the final section talks about combining these techniques with workbook events to create a simple change log.

Excel VBA Part 24 - File Dialogs

Posted by Andrew Gould on 11 March 2014

Using FileDialogs in VBA provides a convenient method for selecting files and folders and performing useful actions on them. This video covers how to use the standard FileOpen and SaveAs dialogs, and how to perform their default actions. The video also covers the use of the FilePicker and FolderPicker dialogs and how to use FileSystemObjects to process a collection of selected files to perform actions such as copying files to another folder.

Excel VBA - Save as PDF

Posted by Andrew Gould on 26 November 2015

This video explains how to use the ExportAsFixedFormat method to save various elements of an Excel file as a PDF document. You can apply this technique to and entire workbook, single worksheets and charts and even to a specific range of cells.

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