Microsoft Excel video tutorials

Our videos on all things Excel includes a series of quick tips, detailed videos on every aspect of VBA programming (including user forms) and even a series of videos on using PowerPivot.

Category Description Videos
Microsoft Excel Some useful videos on a miscellancy of topics in Excel, such as conditional formatting, protection, formatting dates and goal-seeking. 16
Excel tips 10 quick tips to help you to use Excel more efficiently. 10
PowerPivot A series of tutorials on how to use PowerPivot in Excel, roughly equating to our two-day PowerPivot course.  Although these were written using Excel 2013, they'll be just as useful for Excel 2016 (once you've realised that calculated fields and measures are the same thing).  20
Excel VBA - Basics How to write macros within Excel (the scope of these videos is approximately the same as that covered by our two-day Excel VBA Introduction course).  There are lots more general VBA videos listed here. 24

Just click on any of the links above to see a complete listing for that category of Excel videos. If you prefer learning in an interactive way, you can see all of our classroom and online Excel courses here (and get to meet the owls behind the videos!).

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