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Report Builder Training Courses

This page contains details of our courses and training materials for Report Builder, which allows you to create reports using SQL Server Reporting Services without having to use Visual Studio.

Report Builder classroom training

Report Builder classroom training

We run the following courses in Report Builder and/or Reporting Services:

Alternatively, why not organise your own onsite Report Builder course, or have a look at the extensive changes we've made to our classroom training to allow social distancing.

Report Builder classroom training

Online Report Builder training

Our introduction courses for SSRS and Report Builder also run online:

Not sure how if online training is for you? We've created a detailed page for you to see exactly how our online courses work (probably better than you think!).

Which is the right Report Builder course for you?

Report Builder is a standalone software program which allows you to create reports.  Although it looks very different from SQL Server Reporting Services, it's actually virtually identical once you start using it.

You can see our take on the differences between Report Builder and Reporting Services here.

You can use Report Builder to edit existing reports or create new ones.  Here are some of the things that you may choose to include in your reports:

Item Notes
Tables A table of data usually shows the results of a SQL query, although you can use the built in query designer to extract data yourself from underlying tables.  You can choose to group tables (for example, to show films by director), and apply outlining to hide or display all child records when you click on a parent.
Matrices A matrix, like a table and a list, is an example of a tablix item.  In a matrix one of the fields goes across the top and one down the left side (imagine a pivot table in Excel and you won't be far wrong).
Charts You can create a wide variety of charts in Report Builder, including the new sunburst and tree map charts (neither of which is anything like as exciting as it sounds!).  You can also embed spark lines and data bars within the cells of a table.
Indicators An indicator is a visual representation of how highly a statistic rates against its peers.  For example, you could use indicators to show green circles against any sales staff who have exceeded their targets.
Gauges A guage can be linear (like a thermometer) or radial (like a rev counter on a car), and has a pointer showing how high a reading is against a built-in scale.
Lists As mentioned above, lists, tables and matrices are really 3 different versions of the same thing: a grid of data.  A list allows you to show a different page of charts, tables and reports for each member of a list.
Subreports A subreport shows all of the children for a parent (for example, you might use a subreport to list all of the films made by a given director).  Subreports are most useful for drill-down effects (so you might click on a director's name to see a list of all the films they made).
Maps You can display geographical data as SSRS maps, including enabling drill-down so that when you click on (say) a town you see a list of all the transactions taking place in it.
Other Just for the sake of completeness, you can insert lines, rectangles and images (all of which do exactly what you'd expect).

When you've finished creating or editing a report, it should automatically appear in one of the following:

Version of software Intranet
Report Builder 3.0 Report Manager
Report Builder for SQL Server 2016 Web Portal

Apart from this small difference, Report Builder 3.0 and Report Builder for SQL Server 2016 are virtually identical, and it doesn't matter which version you learn (we use the later version for all of our courses).

You can see more details about what our Report Builder course covers here.

10 things our Report Builder courses include

Each of our scheduled courses (whether classroom or online) includes:

  1. Small course sizes - we have a maximum of 5 people on each classroom or online course.
  2. A trainer! And not just anyone - our courses are only ever given by full-time Wise Owls.
  3. Full colour courseware and exercises of oustanding quality.
  4. A no cancellation guarantee (once you've booked and confirmed your training course, it will run).
  5. A one gigabyte USB stick, containing course files, answers to exercises and (by the end of the course) your answers too, together with a Sheaffer biro.
  6. Unofficial help after the course (although we don't have a dedicated post-course support line, in practice trainers will be happy to answer the odd ad hoc question after a course has taken place).
  7. A certificate sent out digitally or in paper form (your choice) after each course, together with (for tailored courses) the trainer's thoughts on how the course went.

In addition, our classroom courses also include:

  1. A computer for each delegate (obviously).
  2. Lunch out each day at a local restaurant (chosen on the day of the course, after discussion!).
  3. Unlimited refreshments during the day, including Tassimo or Nespresso coffee and a range of biscuits and snacks to keep you going through those dark afternoon hours.

Still not convinced? You can read hundreds of testimonials to the quality of our training (all attributed and added in the last 3 years.

About our Report Builder training

We've been running Report Builder training courses for a fair few years now - not only our two-day Introduction to Report Builder course, but onsite Report Builder training too. 

We schedule Report Builder courses regularly in London and Manchester, so why not book a place to find out how to create your own beautiful reports!

Other Report Builder training resources

There are so many ways in which we can help you learn Report Builder, as the impressive list below shows.

Try our Report Builder exercises

Never let it be said that we hide anything away! Not only can you see our Report Builder course manuals, but also our course exercises.

Videos on Report Builder

Choose to watch our Report Builder videos.

Blogs on Report Builder

We've written a few blogs on Report Builder and Reporting Services (which are more or less the same product).

Report Builder training venues

Visit one of the following venues for scheduled Report Builder training.

Self-paced Report Builder online training

Report Builder courseware manuals

Thinking of booking a Wise Owl Report Builder course? You'll want to see what our courseware is like then.

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