Training videos for learning SSRS 2016

We have 5 SSRS 2016 videos listed below. You might also like to consider booking a place on one of our online or classroom SSRS courses, where you will meet the owls behind the videos!

SSRS 2016 - Comparing Report Builder with SQL Server Data Tools

Posted by Andrew Gould on 15 February 2017

If you're confused by whether to use Report Builder or SQL Server Data Tools to create your Reporting Services reports, this video might help you to work out which product to choose. You'll see a side-by-side comparison of creating a report from the very beginning, all the way through to deploying it to a report server using both pieces of software. Along the way we'll point out the major differences between the two applications, along with the pros and cons of each.

SSRS 2016 Pt 1 - Creating and Deploying Your First Report

Posted by Andrew Gould on 06 February 2017

This video gives an overview of creating and deploying a simple report using SQL Server Reporting Services 2016. The video is designed to give a basic guide to the process from start to finish (we'll save the details for later videos in this series) so that you can get up and running as easily as possible.

SSRS 2016 Pt 2.1 - Shared and Embedded Data Sources

Posted by Andrew Gould on 06 March 2017

You won't get far in SSRS unless you know how to create a data source to connect to the data you want to present! This video explains how to create both shared and embedded data sources, how to use them in your reports and how to deploy them to a report server.

SSRS 2016 Pt 2.2 - Shared and Embedded Datasets

Posted by Andrew Gould on 06 March 2017

Datasets provide your reports with the data that you want to display. This video explains the basics of creating both shared and embedded datasets and producing simple reports which use them. You'll learn how to write basic SQL Select statements, how to use the query designer and how to upload the finished reports to a report server.

SSRS 2016 Pt 2.3 - Datasets Using Views

Posted by Andrew Gould on 03 May 2017

A SQL Server View provides a convenient way to populate a dataset in your SSRS reports. This video teaches you how to create and modify views and how to use them with both shared and embedded datasets.

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