Training videos for learning REPORTING SERVICES - ADVANCED

We have 6 Reporting Services - Advanced videos listed below. You might also like to consider booking a place on one of our online or classroom SSRS courses, where you will meet the owls behind the videos!

SSRS Part 21 - Pivot Table / Dynamic Matrix

Posted by Andrew Gould on 04 December 2012

In Reporting Services a normal matrix is quite boring and static. In this video we'll teach you to create a much more exciting dynamic matrix, which behaves a lot like a pivot table in Excel.

SSRS Part 22 - Document Maps

Posted by Andrew Gould on 12 December 2012

Adding a Document Map to your Reporting Services reports provides a neat and easy way to navigate around large and complex reports. This video teaches you how to add Document Maps to reports, including how to create Document Maps for grouped tables, how to add Document Map Labels for individual items, and what happens when you export a report containing a Document Map.

SSRS Part 23 - Report Variables and Group Variables

Posted by Andrew Gould on 06 August 2013

Report variables are expressions which are calculated once when your report loads. They can be very useful for speeding up certain expressions and creating reliable, time-dependent calculations. This video shows you how to create and use report variables and group variables using a couple of practical examples.

SSRS Part 24 - Report Templates

Posted by Andrew Gould on 13 October 2014

Creating a Report Template in SSRS can save you lots of time by making sure that the most common elements of your reports are already in place whenever you create a new one. This video demonstrates how to create template report and gives you a few ideas for what you could include in it. You'll also see where you need to save your template to make it available to future projects.

SSRS Part 25 - Adding Code to Reports

Posted by Andrew Gould on 13 October 2014

Adding code to a report in Reporting Services is a neat way to avoid having to write a complex expression multiple times in the same report. This video shows you how to add some simple functions to a report and how to use those functions in expressions in report items.

SSRS Part 26 - Custom Assemblies

Posted by Andrew Gould on 13 October 2014

Creating a custom assembly for Reporting Services allows you to write a set of custom functions and make these available to all of your reports. This video explains how to create a simple custom assembly using either Visual C# or Visual Basic as well as how to distribute the assembly so that it's available to both the report designer and the report server. You'll also learn how to reference an assembly within your reports and how to create post-build events to make updating yourassembly as painless as possible.

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