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Established May 1992
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30 years in business
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No cancel guarantee

No training company can say that they never cancel courses (what happens if the trainer breaks his or her leg on the day?), but we come as close as is realistically possible.

Obviously the COVID pandemic has made it more difficult to predict the future, so please read on to see exactly what we mean.

Online courses

In the very unlikely event that we reschedule an online course for which you have a confirmed booking (without your agreement) we will provide the training for free.  In the even more unlikely event that we cancel an online course for which you have a confirmed booking, we will pay you the full cost of the training. The only exceptions to these guarantees are where a major incident has happened which is outside our control, such as a fire, flood, burglary or terrorist incident.

Classroom courses

We offer the same guarantee for our classroom courses, subject to two provisos:

  1. We will not be responsible if we have to postpone or cancel a course for reasons related to pandemic.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel courses which have only one person currently booked onto them.

We hope to reinstate our previous classroom course no-cancel guarantee when the current COVID pandemic is completely over, and hope people understand why we need to be a bit less strict with out guarantees for now.

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