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No cancel guarantee

No training company can say that they never cancel courses (what happens if the trainer breaks his or her leg on the way to the course?), but we come as close as is realistically possible. That's why we offer this detailed guarantee:

In the very unlikely event that we reschedule a course for which you have a confirmed booking (without your prior agreement) we will provide the training for free.  In the even more unlikely event that we cancel a course for which you have a confirmed booking, we will pay you the full cost of the training.

There are two exceptions to this guarantee:



Force majeure

We do not offer this guarantee where a major incident has happened which is outside our control, such as a pandemic (!), fire, flood, burglary or terrorist incident.

New courses

A few of the courses on our website are marked as "new". For each such course we prominently link to this page explaining what this means; our no-cancel guarantee doesn't apply to these new courses.

In practice what this guarantee means is that you can book a scheduled place on any Wise Owl course apart from new ones secure in the knowledge that it will run even if it turns out that you are the only delegate attending!

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