No cancel guarantee

No training company can ever say that they never cancel courses (what happens if the trainer breaks her leg on the day?), but we come as close as is realistically possible.  Please read the guarantees below to see that we mean what we say!

Because of the covid-19 virus, we have temporarily suspended this guarantee.  We will reinstate the guarantee when the virus crisis has passed.  You can see more about our coronavirus policy here.

Onsite courses

We've been in business now since 1992, and in all that time we have never cancelled or rescheduled an onsite training course.

Because we're so confident that we won't mess you about, we offer this guarantee: in the very unlikely event that we have to postpone a tailored course that your organisation has booked and confirmed, we'll do the training for free - or in the even more unlikely event that we have to cancel a tailored course, we'll pay you the cost of the course. (*)

Scheduled courses

In over 25 years we have - once - had to postpone a scheduled course without notice, and we still bear the scars.  We may occasionally ask if we can reschedule a course, but will only do this if the alternative dates are just as convenient for you (otherwise we will leave the course as it is).  We probably only reschedule one or two courses like this a year in any case.

In the very unlikely event that we reschedule a scheduled course for which you have a confirmed booking (without your agreement) we will provide the training for free.  In the even more unlikely event that we cancel a scheduled course for which you have a confirmed booking, we will pay you the full cost of the training. (*)

(*) The only exceptions to these guarantees are where a major incident has happened which is outside our control, such as a fire, flood, burglary or terrorist incident. 

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