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MySQL training courses

There are many different dialects of SQL. Most of our courses run for Microsoft SQL Server using T-SQL (Transact SQL), but we also now run courses in MySQL, so that you don't have to struggle transalating from one dialect to another.

We currently run the following scheduled MySQL courses:

(*) This course is a new course; for all other courses our no cancel guarantee applies.
Not exactly the course contents you want? Why not consider organising your own tailored MySQL course)?

Scheduled MySQL training dates

Here are the next MySQL courses we have scheduled:

Course Dates Days Venue Price Booking
Introduction to MySQL Tue/Wed 16-17 July 2024 16-17 Jul 2 Online £825 Book places

All prices exclude VAT. If you can't see the dates you want, don't forget that you always have the option of arranging onsite training at your offices (we'll even provide the computers and projector).

About our MySQL training

MySQL is a popular Database Management tool. Why is it popular? It's free! It is also a fully functioning Database Server, which stands up well against the paid competition - and it works on Linux and Windows. MySQL is now owned by Oracle but it is still freely available; you do have to register with Oracle to download the installation files, but other than that there seems no connection between Oracle and MySQL.

After installing on Windows 11 you will have a few more apps on your start menu:

A Windows start menu showing MySQL.

The command line and Shell Apps have some uses, but MySQL Workbench is the best place to get started. If you double-click the app in the start menu you will see this screen:

The start of your journey into MySQL

Here's a screenshot showing a SELECT statement listing rows from the Certificate table in our Movies database:

This shows that MySQL and SQL Server have much in common!

Our two-day Introduction to MySQL course will show you how to install and use MySQL Workbench and how to write beautiful queries in MySQL!

Other MySQL training resources

There are many ways in which we can help you learn MySQL!


We have the following blogs on MySQL.

Training venues

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