Microsoft Excel training courses and much more!

This page lists out the public training courses that Wise Owl offer in Excel, but also include links to our exercises, course manuals, tutorials, blogs and more!

Microsoft Excel classroom training

Excel classroom training

Wise Owl run a host of training courses in Excel, Excel Visual Basic and PowerPivot, as follows:

Can't see the course you want? Have a look at our onsite Microsoft Excel training page.

Not sure which course you want? We've put together a page explaining what you can hope to learn from our Excel courses.

Other Microsoft Excel training (and consultancy) resources

Microsoft Excel courseware

Sample Excel course manuals to download

If you're thinking of booking Excel training with Wise Owl, you'll want to know what our courseware is like - so we've published some sample chapters:

Microsoft Excel videos

Videos on Excel

We've published a series of 10 tips on using Excel, together with more general videos on Excel and Excel VBA and a video series on the Excel Power BI tools:

Microsoft Excel consultancy

Consultancy and software development in Excel

We can help you create beautiful spreadsheet models, powerful Excel systems using VBA … find out more!

Microsoft Excel exercises

Try our Excel exercises

We believe in showing you everything we can - which is why you can view our Excel exercises online using one of the following links (you can even try them out in advance of any course!):

Microsoft Excel training venues

Excel training venues

We run the majority of our scheduled Excel courses in the following venues (or you can arrange an onsite course wherever you happen to be!):

Microsoft Excel book

Excel books or publications

If you want to learn how to program within Excel using VBA, try this book:

Microsoft Excel blogs

Blogs on Excel

We've written blogs on all manner of things Excel - take a look!

Microsoft Excel skills assessment

Test your Excel skills

You can assess your Excel or Excel VBA skills online using one of these links:

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