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Microsoft Excel consultancy and software development

There are three sides to using Excel effectively:

Aspect Notes
Business analysis To get the best out of Excel, you need to have an analytical mind - something Wise Owls have in spades (our degrees in economics and statistics, physics and biology).  It also helps to have a background in business modelling and consultancy.
Working with data Excel includes a separate add-in called PowerPivot which allows you to combine multiple data sources into a single data model, and also a sophisticated data import program.  Happily, we know both!
VBA However, it's not enough to be able to create beautiful spreadsheet models: you also need to be able to protect them and package them up.  This is where our 25+ years' experience of VBA comes in, allowing us to use macros wherever it is appropriate to do so.

We'd love to help you get the most out of Excel - let us know what your problem is, and we'll see if we can help.

One nice thing about our Excel consultancy is that as a training company we're happy not just to solve your problems, but also to then show you how we did it!

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