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Established May 1992
30 years in business
Wise Owl Training
30 years in business
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Visual C# consultancy and software development

Although we still think that VB is an easier language to program in, we've finally gone over to the dark side and now do all of our new systems using C# (here's why).  The best advertisement for our C# systems is this website, which at the time  of writing has:

  • 33 controllers; and
  • 74 view models

For those who know ASP.NET MVC, that's a fair amount of C# code.  What do you see when you see this webpage?

Wise Owl web page

A typical page from the Wise Owl website.

A C# programmer will see that we've used LINQ for entity frameworks to cast the dataset of testimonials for a given sector to an enumerable list, and used this as one of the properties of the view's underlying model.

If you didn't understand that sentence, that was the point: you can concentrate on defining what your new system should do, and we can concentrate on building the software to help you realise your dreams!

We guarantee not to pester (we genuinely want to help, where we think we can), so send us your thoughts and we'll get back to you - usually within an hour or so.

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