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Established May 1992
30 years in business
Wise Owl Training
30 years in business
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Reporting Services consultancy and software development

Here are a few projects we've provided consultancy on recently:

Client's business Location Project
Ticketing company London SQL procedures and reports to show pattern of ticket sales
Local council London SQL procedures and SSS reports to produce management information.
Telecoms software Slough Design of reports showing switchboard calls.
Leisure company Lake District Creation of management reports.

A typical reporting project involves 3 components, each taking roughly the same amount of time:

Breakdown of time for SSRS project

Typically it takes as long to massage the data into the right format as it does to create the reports themselves.


As an alternative to providing expensive training for your staff, you could consider subcontracting work to Wise Owl instead.  With a whole series of SSRS video tutorials online and introductory and advanced SSRS classroom training courses, we can also pass on what we've done before delivering any project.

If this sounds of interest, send us some examples of the reports you're trying to produce, and we'll reply with a proposal.

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