SQL training courses and other SQL training resources

Whatever kind of SQL training or consultancy you're looking for, this page will guide you to the answer!

T-SQL programming classroom training

SQL classroom training

We currently run two courses in writing SQL as follows:

Can't see the course you want? Have a look at our onsite T-SQL programming training page.

Not sure which course you want? We've put together a page explaining what you can hope to learn from our SQL courses.

Other T-SQL programming training (and consultancy) resources

T-SQL programming courseware

Sample SQL course manuals to download

We've published the odd sample of our SQL course manuals online, so you can see just how good they are!

T-SQL programming videos

Videos on SQL

We've published a host of video tutorials on learning SQL:

T-SQL programming consultancy

Consultancy and software development in SQL

If you can't invest the time to learn to write SQL, why not get us to do it for you? There aren't many SQL gurus like us around who also know how to pass on their knowledge!

T-SQL programming exercises

Try our SQL exercises

You can get a good flavour of what a Wise Owl SQL course would be like by having a look at one or two of the following exercises:

T-SQL programming training venues

SQL training venues

We run most of our training courses in SQL in the following venues (although we'll visit your office for onsite training anywhere in the UK):

T-SQL programming blogs

Blogs on SQL

For insights and education on writing SQL, have a browse through some of these blogs:

T-SQL programming skills assessment

Test your SQL skills

Not sure what your SQL skills are like? Try doing our online test:

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