We're excited to announce that from 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!
From 14th April we'll be running live online training courses too!

SQL Training Courses

Whatever kind of SQL training or consultancy you're looking for, this page will guide you to the answer!

SQL classroom training

SQL classroom training

We currently run two courses in writing SQL as follows:

Can't see the course you want? Have a look at our onsite SQL training page, or see our other SQL training resources.

Not sure which course you want? See what you can learn on one of our SQL courses.

Which is the right SQL course for you?

Sick of having to contact your IT people or third party supplier to get at your own data?  Learn to write SQL queries to get at it yourself, using either SQL Server Management Studio or (by request) Azure Data Studio.  We run two scheduled courses: a two-day introduction to SQL course, and a two-day advanced SQL course.

Two-day introductory course - selecting data using SQL

This course will show you how to write queries like the one below using T-SQL, the dialect of SQL used within Microsoft's SQL Server:

-- show how many films there are for each certificate



COUNT(*) as 'Number of films'


Film as f

INNER JOIN Certificate AS c

ON f.CertificateID = c.CertificateID




-- show most popular certificate first

'Number of films' DESC

This won't necessarily make much sense to you now, but it will do after the course!

Two-day advanced SQL course - programming stored procedures

This course assumes that you know how to write queries, and shows you how to program in SQL, including using variables, writing stored prcoedures and functions and using table variables and temporary tables.  Here's a sample of what you'll learn to do:

CREATE PROC spListFilms(

@minOscars int,

@maxOscars int



-- list films winning this many Oscars





Film AS f


f.OscarWins between @minOscars and @maxOscars

Still not sure which is the right course for you?  There's more help available here.

10 things our SQL courses include

Each of our scheduled courses includes:

  1. Small course sizes - we have a maximum of 6 people on each course, and frequently run courses with fewer delegates.
  2. A trainer! And not just anyone - our courses are only ever given by full-time Wise Owls (our average feedback scores are in the range 9.2 to 9.8 out of 10).
  3. Full colour courseware and exercises of oustanding quality (download a sample SQL courseware chapter to judge this claim for yourself) .
  4. A no cancellation guarantee (once you've booked/confirmed training, it will run).
  5. A computer for each delegate (obviously).
  6. Lunch out each day at a local restaurant (chosen on the day of the course, after discussion!).
  7. Unlimited refreshments during the day, including Tassimo or Nespresso coffee and a range of biscuits and snacks to keep you going through those dark afternoon hours.
  8. A one gigabyte USB stick, containing course files, answers to exercises and (by the end of the course) your answers too, together with a Sheaffer biro.
  9. Unofficial help after the course (although we don't have a dedicated post-course support line, in practice trainers will be happy to answer the odd ad hoc question after a course has taken place).
  10. A certificate sent out digitally or in paper form (your choice) after each course, together with (for online courses) the trainer's thoughts on how the course went.

Have a look at our full list of benefits, or read hundreds of testimonials to the quality of our training.

About our SQL training

Not only do we train on SQL, but we use it too!  Our systems are powered by SQL Server.  At the time of writing, these use the following objects, for example:

What Tables Stored procedures
External website 120 122
Internal site (intranet) 128 163

So we definitely practise what we preach!  We're also big believers in teaching you not just how to write SQL, but how to write good SQL, following our own internal SQL coding standards.

Other SQL training resources

SQL exercises

Try our SQL exercises

You can get a good flavour of what a Wise Owl SQL course would be like by having a look at one or two of the following exercises:

SQL training venues

SQL training venues

We run our SQL training classes in the following venues:

SQL consultancy

SQL consultancy

If you can't invest the time to learn to write SQL, why not let our SQL gurus to do it for you?

SQL blogs

Blogs on SQL

For insights and education on writing SQL, have a browse through some of these blogs:

SQL courseware

SQL courseware manuals

We've published the odd sample of our SQL course manuals online, so you can see just how good they are!

SQL videos

Videos on SQL

We've got over 30 videos to help you learn how to write SQL:

SQL skills assessment

Test your SQL skills

Not sure what your SQL skills are like? Try doing our online test:

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