Training videos for learning SQL SERVER 2016

We have 9 SQL Server 2016 videos listed below. You might also like to consider booking a place on one of our online or classroom SQL courses, where you will meet the owls behind the videos!

SQL Server 2016 Pt 1 - Installing SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition

Posted by Andrew Gould on 31 October 2016

SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition is free as part of Microsoft's Visual Studio Dev Essentials program. This video shows you how to obtain your free copy and install it in a Windows 10 environment. You won't learn how to become a SQL Server Administrator here but you will see the basics of getting up and running with SQL Server 2016.

SQL Server 2016 Pt 2 - Using Configuration Manager and Management Studio

Posted by Andrew Gould on 31 October 2016

SQL Server Configuration Manager allows you to control the various services that make up your SQL Server installation. SQL Server Management Studio is the tool you can use to connect to a server and begin working with the databases installed on it. This video takes you through the basics of using both tools to get ready for building databases in the next part of this tutorial.

SQL Server 2016 Pt 3 - System Databases, Backing Up and Restoring

Posted by Andrew Gould on 01 November 2016

SQL Server creates several important system databases when you install a new instance. This video explains what the master, model, msdb and tempdb databases are for along with a couple of the interesting things you can do with them. You'll also see how you can easily create a backup of the system databases and, somewhat more awkwardly, how to restore those backups in the event that something goes wrong.

SQL Server 2016 Pt 4 - Databases, Logins, Users, Roles and Schemas

Posted by Andrew Gould on 02 November 2016

Creating a new SQL Server database is pretty simple, as the first part of this video shows. What's a little more complex is configuring access to that database for other users. This video explains the basics of logins, users, server and database roles, permissions and schemas to provide you with an overview of what's possible.

SQL Server 2016 Pt 5 - Basic Table Design, Data Types and Constraints

Posted by Andrew Gould on 10 November 2016

Designing basic tables in SQL Server involves deciding which columns the table should include, what the data type of those columns should be (not always an easy choice!) and a few additional properties such as whether the column can be left empty (or NULL) and whether there should be any constraints on the values entered into the column. This video takes you through that process to design and create a simple table to store information about people. The video contains a discussion of the main text, number and date data types in SQL Server - you'll learn the difference between char, varchar, nchar and nvarchar data types, as well as the difference between exact and approximate numerics. The video also covers the basics of inserting and editing data before the final part shows how to automatically generate scripts that will recreate the table and its precious data in the event that you delete it.

SQL Server 2016 Pt 6 - Designing and Creating Relational Databases

Posted by Andrew Gould on 10 November 2016

Creating the optimal design for relational database can be a long and complex process - this video takes you through the key steps of normalising data including identifying repeating values, creating separate tables to store those values, and creating primary keys, foreign keys and relationships. The video also includes a section drawing database diagrams, which is the most fun you can have when designing a database!

SQL Server 2016 Pt 7 - Computed Columns

Posted by Andrew Gould on 10 November 2016

A computed column in a SQL Server table allows you to store an expression which calculates a new value based on the data in other columns of the same table. This video explains how to create computed columns and how to persist the result of the calculation so that it's stored in the table. You'll also learn a little about SQL Server's expression syntax, including how to use some of its built-in functions, the difference between deterministic and non-deterministic functions, how to use Case expressions to test conditions and how to concatenate strings. We'll do this by building a few example computed columns including constructing a full name from first and last name columns, calculating age in days using the DateDiff function and calculating age in years using DateDiff, DateAdd and a Case expression.

SQL Server 2016 Pt 8 - The Wise Owl Movies Database

Posted by Andrew Gould on 15 December 2016

This video explains how to install the Wise Owl Movies database which is something you'll need to do if you want to follow most of our other tutorial videos! The video also explains how to create a database diagram to help visualise the structure of the database, as well as how to view and edit the data in the tables. The last part of the video explains a few of the design decisions we've taken to simplify things for the purposes of teaching and offers some alternative approaches to solving certain design challenges.

SQL Server 2016 Pt 9 - Installing SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

Posted by Andrew Gould on 06 February 2017

This video explains how to install SQL Server Data Tools and the Business Intelligence Templates for Visual Studio 2015. This allows you to create projects for Reporting Services, Integration Services and Analysis Services.

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