Macros and Programming video tutorials

Choose your programming language! We've got masses of videos on SQL, a whole series of training videos for VBA (including user forms), a set of videos showing you how to program in C# and even a video series including the use of DAX within PowerPivot.

Category Description Videos
Selecting data in SQL Learn how to program in Transact-SQL by following this series of tutorials (which roughly reflects the contents of our two-day Introduction to SQL course). 12
Advanced SQL (programming) Programming in SQL, including using variables, writing stored procedures and working with CTEs and temporary tables (this mirrors the contents of our advanced SQL course). 18
C# Programming Designed to follow the same syllabus as our C# Introduction course, this tutorial series will teach you how to program in C#. 14
Excel VBA - Basics Learn how to program in Excel VBA (this tutorial series is an alternative to attending our VBA course).  There are lots more specialist VBA training videos listed in our dedicated VBA videos page, and some more specific to Excel on our Excel videos page. 24
VBA - advanced A series of miscellaneous VBA videos, on topics like arrays and passing arguments to subroutines. 14

Just click on any of the links above to see a complete listing for that category of Programming videos. If you prefer learning in an interactive way, you can see all of our classroom and online Programming courses here (and get to meet the owls behind the videos!).

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