Visual Basic for Applications video tutorials

Whatever you're doing in VBA, we've probably published an online training video for it! We've split the videos on creating and using user forms into a separate series.

Category Description Videos
Excel VBA - Basics This set of videos roughly follows the contents of our two-day introduction to VBA course. 22
VBA User Forms You can draw custom dialog boxes in VBA called user forms, and manipulate their controls using VBA (as this series of tutorials will teach you). 20
Excel VBA - pivot tables/charts Videos on how to programmatically manipulate pivot tables, charts and PowerPivot within Excel. 11
VBA - advanced Miscellaneous additional VBA topics which don't fit conveniently into any other category (including working with arrays, ByRef and ByVal arguments and much more). 11
VBA - working with files Using FileSystemObjects to manipulate files and folders, and saving data as PDF files. 4
VBA linking applications Linking Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications programmatically. 5
Built-in VBA functions Videos on how to use some of the built-in VBA functions, and also videos on working with specific data types such as strings and dates. 9
VBA - working with data Getting VBA to work with recordsets of data from Access or SQL Server, or any other data source for that matter. 4
VBA - scraping websites Using VBA to scrape websites (that is, to download the HTML content and programmatically parse this to extract content). 3

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