Visual Basic for Applications video tutorials

Whatever you're doing in VBA, we've probably published an online training video for it! We've split the videos on creating and using user forms into a separate series.

Category Description Videos
Excel VBA - Basics This set of videos roughly follows the contents of our two-day introduction to VBA course. 24
VBA User Forms You can draw custom dialog boxes in VBA called user forms, and manipulate their controls using VBA (as this series of tutorials will teach you). 22
Excel VBA - pivot tables Videos on how to programmatically manipulate pivot tables, charts and PowerPivot within Excel. 9
Excel VBA - charts Using VBA to create and manipulate charts, including how to conditionally format them. 6
VBA - advanced Miscellaneous additional VBA topics which don't fit conveniently into any other category (including working with arrays, ByRef and ByVal arguments and much more). 14
VBA - working with files Using FileSystemObjects to manipulate files and folders, and saving data as PDF files. 12
VBA - linking applications Linking Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications programmatically. 12
VBA - working with Outlook Using Outlook with VBA, including how to create emails and loop through folders in Outlook. 14
Built-in VBA functions Videos on how to use some of the built-in VBA functions, and also videos on working with specific data types such as strings and dates. 9
VBA - working with data Getting VBA to work with recordsets of data from Access or SQL Server, or any other data source for that matter. 57
VBA - scraping websites Using VBA to scrape websites (that is, to download the HTML content and programmatically parse this to extract content). 25
VBA - working with shapes Creating, editing, looping over and deleting shapes (including text boxes, regular polygons and call-outs) using VBA. 5
VBA - classes and structures Object-oriented programming in VBA: creating and using classes and structures to encapsulate the logic of an object (including understanding properties, methods and collections). 6

Just click on any of the links above to see a complete listing for that category of VBA videos. If you prefer learning in an interactive way, you can see all of our classroom and online VBA courses here (and get to meet the owls behind the videos!).

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24 Aug 20 at 10:04

Dear Andrew,

I went through all of your 22 Excel VBA - Basics over 1 weekend. 

These are best training videos that I have ever gone through free or paid. I have taken many paid and free training videos, but these videos stand out by far. Content is perfect, pace is just right and best thing is that you are not using pre-written codes, that allows viewers like me do the code simultaneously to get hands on. and make notes in the code itself. Even then it never feels that videos are slow or less content is covered. Many others have already commented about your English, it is perfect for a training video.

I just wish I would have watched your videos earlier and had been much more efficient and productive at work.

Looking forward to complete remaining of the 122 VBA videos.

Thanks, Surendra

24 Aug 20 at 10:18

Hi Surendra, many thanks for your kind comments!  I hope you find the remaining videos as helpful as the ones you have already watched, enjoy!

25 Aug 20 at 08:22

Hi Andrew,

One Feedback, there are 22 videos on Excel VBA - Basics, but your website ( shows only 21 videos.

Even the introduction says "We have 22 Excel VBA - Basics videos listed below.", but the list just below it shows 21 videos. Youtube directs to the Part-20a videos but I think it will be good if the link to that video is available at your website as well.






Andrew G  
25 Aug 20 at 15:54

Hi Surendra, there are 22 videos on the page but the InputBox topic is spit into Part 11 and Part 11a so the final video on the page is numbered as 21. Sorry for the confusion!

05 Jan 20 at 08:24

I would like to take time and appreciate Andrew for his brilliant work. I have downloaded all the "Excel VBA Introduction" Playlist from YouTube and it really helped me to learn and create interest in learning more. it's been 2 months since I started learning VBA; because of my job it is not possible to practice on a daily basis but I try to practice whenever i get time.

Moreover, your voice and teaching method force us to listen more and more. it gives me two benefiits: first, initially I couldn’t understand your accent because English is not my first language, and secondly, it helps to improve my English with learning VBA.

I wish I could attend your live lectures. Nevertheless, you are doing a really great job Andrew, sometimes just because of your learning method and skill Iwatch your video  The proficiency, skill along with in[depth knowledge that you transfer to world (and that free) I really appreciate and I really admire.


Your Sincere Student


06 Jan 20 at 13:31

Hi Mithun, many thanks for your kind comments!  I'm happy to hear that you've found the videos useful for both VBA and English!