Training videos for learning VBA - WORKING WITH DATA

VBA - working with data - 4 videos

Excel VBA Part 30 - Querying a Database with ADO

Posted by Andrew Gould on 31 March 2014

How to write macros in VBA to work with SQL Server, Access and other tables

Excel VBA Part 31 - Modifying Data with ADO Recordsets

Posted by Andrew Gould on 01 April 2014

How to use VBA macros to amend records in SQL Server and Access tables

Excel VBA Part 32 - Executing SQL Commands with ADO

Posted by Andrew Gould on 02 April 2014

How to construct and manipulate command objects in ADO to talk to databases using VBA

Excel VBA Part 46 - Querying Web Pages with Query Tables

Posted by Andrew Gould on 14 November 2016

Querying web pages in Excel VBA is simple when you use Query Tables. This video shows you how to create a query table linked to a web page, how to choose which tables from the web page to return, and how to pass values to a URL query string to create dynamic, updatable web queries in your Excel workbooks.

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