VBA - working with data videos | Excel VBA Part 31 - Modifying Data with ADO Recordsets

Posted by Andrew Gould on 01 April 2014

How to use VBA macros to amend records in SQL Server and Access tables

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Full screen mode for YouTube

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Changing resolution

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Finally, if nothing happens when you play the video, check that you're not using IE in compatibility view.

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15 Jan 19 at 20:50

Hi, I don't have SQL Server installed on my machine as I use MySQL instead. 

Most of the code works as-is (you have to get a MySQL-specific connection string first) except for the cursor type. I found that using "adOpenForwardOnly" doesn't work properly - only a few columns of data end up on the Excel sheet. So I switched the cursor to "adOpenDynamic" and things seem to work the way they should.

I don't have a huge database to work with so I don't notice any performance problems as of yet but will let you know if I run into any.

BTW, these videos are great! Thanks for making them!


16 Jan 19 at 07:11

Useful information, Bob, thanks for taking the time to send it!