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Advanced Power BI Reports Training Course

Two days (09:30 to 16:30 UK time each day)

This course is available in the following formats (all prices exclude VAT):

Classroom (London)
Classroom (Manchester)
Onsite (your office)
Please ask
Online (your home)
You can book a place on this course either online through this website, by phone, by email or by filling in our enquiry form.

To attend this course you must be familiar with creating Power BI reports, and use Power BI on a regular basis.

Course schedule

Here are our next few Advanced Power BI Reports course dates:

Dates Times Venue Price (excl. VAT)
07-08 May 09:30-16:30 Online £950 Book
06-07 Jun 09:30-16:30 Online £950 Book
03-04 Jul 09:30-16:30 Online £950 Book
01-02 Aug 09:30-16:30 Online £950 Book
03-04 Sep 09:30-16:30 Online £950 Book
Show full list of dates

Got a handful of like-minded people in your organisation? You could consider booking your own customised onsite course, whereby you get to pick the dates and venue!

Course Contents - PDF

Advanced Power BI Reports training course contents

If you've got the hang of the basic Power BI software, take two days out of your busy life to delve more into Microsoft's powerful BI software tool.  On this course you'll learn many things, including:

  • Lots of ways to apply conditional formatting to visuals

  • How (and when) to use the decomposition tree, key influencers tool, smart narratives and other standard visuals

  • Lots of ideas for custom visuals that you can use to enhance your reports

  • How to use bookmarks, page navigation and advanced drill-down features to make your reports easier to use

  • How to use report tooltips to make your reports easier to interpret

The idea is to build on what you learned on our two-day introduction to Power BI course.  If you're more interested in loading, transforming and manipulating data you should probably look at our two-day Advanced Power BI (Data) course instead.

The contents of this course are as follows:

Advanced tables

  • Showing URLs as icons
  • Images in tables
  • Sorting multiple columns
  • Preventing data grouping

Conditional formatting

  • Gradients and rules
  • Based on a field value
  • Icons and data bars

Dynamic display

  • Format properties as expressions
  • Examples of dynamic formatting


  • Adding constant lines
  • Adding trendlines
  • Showing anomalies

Decomposition tree

  • How it works
  • Formatting the parts
  • Locking levels

Other visuals

  • Key influencers
  • Ribbon charts
  • Waterfall charts

Q & A visuals

  • Setting synonyms
  • Adding FAQs
  • Training Q&A visuals


  • Tooltip backgrounds
  • Dynamic report tooltips
  • Visual header tooltips


  • Data and display properties
  • Spotlighting and hiding visuals
  • Bookmark navigators
  • Some design case studies

Quick measures

  • Comparison against single items
  • Line chart averages
  • Listing selected items
  • Running totals


  • The smart narrative visual
  • Text boxes and values
  • Analysing differences

What-if parameters

  • Numeric range parameters
  • Field parameters

Dynamic page navigation

  • Page navigators
  • Page navigation buttons
  • Controlling with slicers
  • Drill-through with slicers

Advanced drill-through

  • Category vs summarized explained
  • Drill-through between reports
  • Disabling drill-through
  • Mouse buttons/action buttons

Advanced Slicers

  • Sync slicers
  • Buttons to apply changes
  • Tricks with slicers

Custom visuals

  • Ways to import
  • Pinning custom visuals
  • Infographics (picture charts)

More custom visuals   if time

  • The play axis visual
  • Synoptic panels
  • Chiclet slicer

Themes   if time

  • Changing themes
  • Building new themes

Mobile view   if time

  • The Power BI app
  • Creating a mobile view
Please see further up this page for what you should know beforehand (if anything) in order to attend this course.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some reasons to choose Wise Owl courses:

In addition, here are some benefits unique to classroom training:

And some benefits specific to online training:

  • Courseware manual posted to you in advance
  • Free half-hour pre-course check-up included
  • Our clever system means you can use our laptops (and we can see them)

What other people have said

Our thanks to everyone who agreed to share their thoughts. All of the following reviews are from the last 3 calendar years:

"Great trainer - explained patiently and logically - took away fear to do something wrong. Learned great new features and shortcuts (!) :-). Will help me to improve my Excel work style."

Heike Schmidt-Reda (ISG - Information Services Group)

"The course was recommended within the company as Wise Owl has an outstanding reputation."

Krzysztof Fronia (Coloplast Ltd)

"Loved the course. The trainer was extremely thorough, clear, helpful and engaging. We were all delighted with his teaching."

Henry Browne (Paragon Asra Housing Group (PA Housing))

"Our trainer was very friendly, approachable and had a very good knowledge of the subject. The pace of the course was spot on, and I also liked the fact it was a small group - only 4 of us. The remote desktop where the trainer could see our screens, and offer advice whilst we were typing away was excellent - a lot better than having to share screens individually whenever we got stuck... and a lot less time consuming! Overall, really enjoyed the course and would have no hesitation in choosing you again in the future."

Mark Lloyd (Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS FT)

"Great course. The trainer was really helpful and able to take the course at our pace allowing space to ask questions."

Amy Garry (MLCS3 Ltd)

There are lots more where these came from (or just refresh this page to change the quotes shown).

How our training courses work

Below are some notes on how Wise Owl courses work, to help you decide whether they're for you or not.

What you'll need

If you book on a classroom course, the only thing you need to bring to the course is ... yourself! We even provide a notepad and a suprisingly nice pen for you to take notes with.

For online training you'll need two things:

  1. A good internet connection (otherwise you'll have a frustrating time); and
  2. A second screen (a requirement, not a nice-to-have!)

You can see full details of our online course requirements here.

When you book a place

If you book a place on one of our courses:

  • For classroom courses we will send out a joining email. That's it!
  • For online courses we will get in touch to organise a half-hour pre-course check to iron out any connection problems before the course (rather than during it).

Whatever type of course you book, we will also send you out a reminder a few days before the course is due to take place - not that (we hope) you'll have forgotten!

What you won't need

For classroom training, you won't need a computer - we (obviously) will provide that. However, you're welcome to use your own laptop if you prefer, providing that you have the correct software installed.

For online training you will need a computer, but you won't need to have any software installed.  This is because you'll use Windows Remote Desktop to connect to our computers, and these will have all of the necessary files and software installed.

The start of the course

For online courses you will be able to join up to half an hour before the course begins. This will give you time to:

  • familiarise yourself with the set-up;
  • meet your trainer; and
  • get to know the other delegates!

For classroom training it's always nice if people arrive a bit early too, to give people time to meet each other (and drink coffee).

You'll be given a full colour courseware manual, an exercise booklet to go with the course and a USB stick for taking course files away (we'll post all this to you for online courses).

After the course

After the course finishes you'll receive a digital certificate proving your attendance (we will gladly send a paper copy on request also).

We don't have any formal arrangement for answering questions after the course, but if you get stuck on something and email your trainer they should (and nearly always do!) respond as quickly as their training schedule allows.

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