To enable social distancing we've completely remodelled our classroom training, launched a full range of live online courses and now provide online training-cum-consultancy.

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If you book onto one of our public courses, you'll be taken out to lunch! 

Lunch in restaurant

A typical course lunch (in ASK in Manchester, as it happens).  The food has yet to arrive ...

The venue will vary, but here's the sort of meal you can expect:

City Restaurant
London We've just moved to a new training centre in Gracechurch Street, so we're trying out different venues.  So far good possibilities look like Pizza Express and La Tasca in Leadenhall Market, but there's a huge choice locally.  We'll get more adventurous as we learn which local restaurants have good food and (above all) quick service.
Manchester There are many restaurants within 5 or so minutes' walk: common choices are ASK, Byron, The Alchemist or any of a number of other independent restaurants which offer quick service and good food.

When not going for lunch, you'll have the choice of coffees, teas and refreshments throughout the day - it's a day out as well as a training course!

We include a meal within the price of training for our scheduled courses because it helps break up the day - wilting sandwiches in a stuffy training room don't!

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