SSIS Training | Integration Services Training in London & Manchester

This page gives oodles of training to help you to learn Integration Services, whether you prefer classroom training, videos or any other format.

SQL Server Integration Services classroom training

SSIS classroom training

Wise Owl currently run two SSIS training courses - one to introduce the topic, and an advanced course for experienced users:

Can't see the course you want? Have a look at our onsite SQL Server Integration Services training page.

Other SSIS resources

We believe classroom training is the best way to learn SSIS, but we've included lots of other SSIS training resources below just in case you don't agree!

Other SQL Server Integration Services training resources

SQL Server Integration Services courseware

Sample SSIS course manuals to download

To help you choose the right Integrations Services course, have a look at this sample SSIS courseware chapter:

SQL Server Integration Services videos

Videos on SSIS

We've written a full tutorial series on learning to use Integration Services (still no substitute for our classroom training, though …):

SQL Server Integration Services exercises

Try our SSIS exercises

You can use the following Integration Services exercises either to practice before a course, or to assess your level of ability - or just for fun!

SQL Server Integration Services training venues

SSIS training venues

Although we run our Integration Services training at one of the following venues, we'll run SSIS courses onsite anywhere in the UK:

SQL Server Integration Services blogs

Blogs on SSIS

Looking for help with Integration Services? Some of these blogs may help:

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