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Established May 1992
30 years in business
Wise Owl Training
30 years in business
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Tailored online training courses from Wise Owl

Trying to arrange an online course, but can't see the dates you want? One option might be to contact us to arrange an online course customised to your exact requirements.

This brings with it a few advantages:

Advantage Details
Flexible dates You can choose the date(s) when you want to run the course.
Flexible content You can slant the course towards the needs of your organisation (so choosing to go through one topic in more detail, for example, while skimming over another).
Familarity You'll have control over who attends the course (so if Bob from Sales is badly behaved, at least you'll know how to control him!).

We limit the maximum size of a tailored online course to 6 attendees to ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate.

You can see more details of how our online courses work at our online training page - or why not ask us about our onsite classroom tailored courses?

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