VBA - working with data videos | Excel VBA Part 58.31 - SQL for Excel Files - Split a Table into Separate Sheets

Posted by Andrew Gould on 25 July 2021

This video shows you how to split a single Eacel table into multiple worksheets using the values in a column of the table. You'll learn how to create a recordset and populate it with unique values from a column and how to create a SELECT INTO command to create new worksheets. You'll see how to create new worksheets in the same workbook as the source data, in a single different workbook and how to create a separate workbook for each value in the column.

This video has the following accompanying files:

File name Type Description
Split Table into Separate Sheets.xlsm Excel workbook with macros The code
Movies.xlsx Excel workbook The source data

Click to download a zipped copy of the above files.

There are no exercises for this video.

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20 Aug 21 at 16:26

Hello Andrew:


I was wondering if you will be posting more videos on SQL for Excel. The information has been very useful to me and has saved me a lot of programming that otherwise I would have to do with VBA. If not, do you have any links to websites that specifically deal with this version of SQL for Excel? I note that a lot of features of SQL are not applicable to that version (e.g. unable to do full joins).

22 Aug 21 at 07:45

Hi, I'm happy to hear that you've found the SQL for Excel series of videos useful!

There are a few extra topics on my list to cover, but these are things that are more to do with the ADO side of things than with SQL. I think that the existing 31 videos already cover the broad strokes of what this version of SQL is capable of but for further reading I'd recommend searching for "Access SQL".

I hope that helps and thanks for watching!