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Established May 1992
30 years in business
Wise Owl Training
30 years in business
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Visual Basic for Applications consultancy and software development

When Wise Owl get to the pearly gates and we are asked what is the one thing we've accomplished in life, the answer will have to be: becoming expert in VBA.

There are many things wrong with this analogy, not least of which is the shaky concept of a company going to heaven or hell when it dies.

To see the depth of our knowledge of VBA, have a look at our online tutorial, or take a look at our Flappy Owl game (written entirely in Excel VBA).  Here's an excerpt from the latter, showing how beautiful VBA can be:

Public Sub UpdateAndDrawGame()

'Runs once for each tick of the timer clock

'Updates all game logic

'Draws all game objects





'test for collisions and exit the game

If Bird.Colliding(Wall.TopWallRange, Wall.BottomWallRange) Then


Exit Sub

End If

End Sub

Here are some examples of systems we've written using VBA:

Software System
Excel Umpteen models and systems with back-end VBA to control user input, forms and navigation.
Access Databases to manage membership systems, libraries, expenses, stock control, accounts, and many, many more.
Outlook We don't claim to be experts in Outlook, but we have written systems to manage incoming email and to run email mailing systems.
Word Our manuals system is replete with macros to automate tasks (although Word VBA can cause migraines ...).
SharePoint We've written copious macros in SharePoint Designer, automating the production of web pages.

If you want to draw on our expertise, whether to find out if your plans are technically possible or you want to commission a full-blown system, let us know what you have in mind and we'll do our best to help you - without pestering!

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