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Excel Visual Basic for Applications online training
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Excel Visual Basic for Applications online training

Our first online training course will teach you how to write macros in Excel VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications to give it its full title. No previous programming experience is necessary!

The course contains the following 7 modules:

This module will show you how to write your first programs in VBA.

In this module you'll learn how to select cells and ranges in Excel, and how to move around a worksheet.

This module introduces two important VBA concepts: testing conditions, and doing something repeatedly (looping).

In this module you'll learn how to create variables, and how to use them to make your programs easier to understand and write.

This module shows how you can display message boxes on screen, and use input boxes to get information from users of your programs.

In this module you'll learn how to do the same thing to multiple objects (such as looping over the cells in a range, or doing the same thing to each worksheet in a workbook).

It's time in this module to learn how to intercept any errors which occur in your programs, using something called error-handling.

Click on any module to start learning!

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12 Sep 21 at 14:09

Sir Andrew, thank you very much. This post was quite helpful to me as a novice in this profession. You are an excellent educator.

13 Sep 21 at 09:16

You're welcome Gail, I'm happy to hear that you found the course useful!

15 Oct 20 at 04:33

Thanks Mr. Andrew G this is very helpful!

24 Feb 20 at 02:45

Hi Andrew,

If I had an instructor like you when I was in university, I wouldn't have become an Engineer and I became the best computer programmer.

The sequence and the logic of the VBA command that you teach make more sense why the learner needs another command to tackle the task.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to find your course and ordered your book. I hope I have an opportunity to learn more about your other courses like Power Query and Power BI. I live in the USA and I wish I had a chance to participate in your onsite classes.

24 Feb 20 at 13:54

Thank you so much!  Very happy to hear that you've found the online course so useful and I hope that you enjoy the book as well!

02 Feb 20 at 15:50

Even though I have taken quite a few VBA courses by now, I learnt new things in the early stages of this course.  Very high quality teaching.  The downloadable files and exercises really help.  

03 Feb 20 at 09:09

Thanks Rafiullah!

20 Jan 20 at 17:11

WOW!  Thank you!  This is amazing good news!!  Gould is the best teacher ever!!!

03 Feb 20 at 09:09

Thanks Mattias!