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Looping over rows and columns for a Pandas dataframe

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 December 2021

This blog shows you various ways in which you can loop over the columns of a pandas dataframe, and also explains how to loop over the rows of a dataframe (together with why you should avoid doing this!).

Tags:   Python | Progamming

Creating executable files from Python programs using pyinstaller

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 December 2021

A summary of how to package up your Python program (including any referenced modules) into a single executable file.

Tags:   Python | Installation

A comparison of Python and C#

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 November 2021

Ten reasons why Python is a better programmng language than C# (and most other languages), as well as two reasons why it might not be.

Tags:   Visual C# | General    |    Python | General

Reading Outlook emails and downloading attachments using Python

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 October 2021

This blog shows how you can use Python to loop over all of the emails in a folder in Outlook, saving the attachments for each to your hard disk.

Tags:   Python | Progamming

Python ModuleNotFoundError in VS Code using Code Runner

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 October 2021

How to solve the problem that Visual Studio Code can't find a module that you've imported.

Five differences between Python and other languages

Posted by Andy Brown on 31 August 2021

How does Python compare with other programming languages like C#, VB or SQL? This blog looks at the differences we've come across in preparing our Python courses and videos.

Tags:   Python | General
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