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Added by ubatu05 on 05 Sep 2021 at 01:47

Hello Andrews,

Please I have been following your sql tutorials on YouTube and I appreciate your unique teaching program.

I have a problem and hope you can assist me. Here is my problem;

I have an Event table with these columns;

EventID EventDate            W1      W2      W3     W4    W5    M1    M2    M3    M4     M5

1            20-1-1962              1        2         3          4        5       6       7      8        9       10

2            21-1-1962              3       8          31       40       21    42      25    1        11      5

3            22-1-1962             14      21        41       56       1      42      32    31      5       67


Problem: 1. Where W1=1 in an Event, Select the next one event and previous one event. Event to select could be anything 2,3,4 or any specified envent

that is if a column in an event contain a specified number, select the previous event and the next specified event.

Problem 2. How do I iterate through the entire database and select these events and have it stored as a procedure?




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