Onsite SSAS training

To save you having to come to us, why not ask us to train at your location? We will provide and set up the computers (and provide a projector if required). Here are the 4 most recent tailored onsite Analysis Services courses that we've run in the UK:

Here are some more details for these courses:

Course Month Location Sector
SSAS Tabular November 2017 Kinsgston upon Thames Insurance
SSAS Tabular September 2017 Kinsgston upon Thames Insurance
SSAS - Multidimensional Model October 2016 Chester Education and training
SSAS - Tabular Model July 2016 Brighton Banks, investment companies, financial advisors and lenders

If you're thinking of arranging a training course for your company (whether at our training venue in London or Manchester or at your own offices), then send us a note stating what you want to achieve and we'll do our best to help you, without pestering!

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