To enable social distancing we've completely remodelled our classroom training, launched a full range of live online courses and now provide online training-cum-consultancy.

Onsite SSAS training

To save you having to come to us, why not ask us to train at your location? We will provide and set up the computers (and provide a projector if required). Here are the 3 most recent tailored onsite Analysis Services courses that we've run in the UK:

Here are some more details for these courses:

Course Month Location Sector
SSAS Tabular January 2020 London East Central Media (advertising, TV, radio and publishing)
SSAS Tabular Modelling September 2018 Peterborough Media (advertising, TV, radio and publishing)
SSAS Tabular Modelling June 2018 Coventry Education and training

If you're thinking of arranging a training course for your company (whether at our training venue in London or Manchester or at your own offices), then send us a note stating what you want to achieve and we'll do our best to help you, without pestering!

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