VBA User Forms videos | Excel VBA Forms Pt 5 - Validating Forms

Posted by Andrew Gould on 31 March 2016

Another aspect of validation is checking that every control on a form has been filled in. This video explains how to loop over the controls collection to check if every textbox has been completed.

You can download any files that you need to follow the video here.

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07 Apr 17 at 21:07

First of all, THANK YOU for such brilliant quality videos! Andrew G. is the perfect balance of humor & guru! I have found each of these videos to be engaging, easily relatable and packed full of new information!

Onto my question...

I am building a userform to collect information into a workbook, very very similar to your examples with Films and the gross profits they made. HOWEVER, where your example had 3 input boxes, mine will have over 40 input boxes.

What would your recommendation be for an alternative to doing a similar action for each of the input boxes private subs? That is A LOT of repetiion and risk for missing an update. Is there a way to code the action once, but let it loop through each Private Sub?

Specifcially, I am trying to use the following code from the videos, but I dont want to copy paste and edit this over 40 times. The input boxes are labeled Criteria001 through Criteria045.

Private Sub AddToList_Button_Click()
    If Criteria001.Value = "1" Or Criteria001.Value = "0" Or Criteria001.Value = "x" Then
        MsgBox ProcessorName & "'s scores have been added to the Analyst Workbook."
        Criteria001.BackColor = rgbPink
        Criteria001Label.ForeColor = rgbRed
        MsgBox "You must enter either 1, 0, or x."
        Exit Sub
    End If
End Sub

10 Apr 17 at 07:33

Hi Candice,

Happy to hear that you've been finding the videos so useful! There certainly is a quicker way to vaildate multiple controls using a For Each loop. We do cover that technique in this video from around the 18:32 mark - this is definitely the approach to take if you hvae 40 text boxes to validate!

10 Apr 17 at 14:14

Thank you!