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Added by Candice Hulo on 07 Apr 2017 at 21:07

First of all, THANK YOU for such brilliant quality videos! Andrew G. is the perfect balance of humor & guru! I have found each of these videos to be engaging, easily relatable and packed full of new information!

Onto my question...

I am building a userform to collect information into a workbook, very very similar to your examples with Films and the gross profits they made. HOWEVER, where your example had 3 input boxes, mine will have over 40 input boxes.

What would your recommendation be for an alternative to doing a similar action for each of the input boxes private subs? That is A LOT of repetiion and risk for missing an update. Is there a way to code the action once, but let it loop through each Private Sub?

Specifcially, I am trying to use the following code from the videos, but I dont want to copy paste and edit this over 40 times. The input boxes are labeled Criteria001 through Criteria045.

Private Sub AddToList_Button_Click()
    If Criteria001.Value = "1" Or Criteria001.Value = "0" Or Criteria001.Value = "x" Then
        MsgBox ProcessorName & "'s scores have been added to the Analyst Workbook."
        Criteria001.BackColor = rgbPink
        Criteria001Label.ForeColor = rgbRed
        MsgBox "You must enter either 1, 0, or x."
        Exit Sub
    End If
End Sub