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19 attributed reviews for the TECHNOLOGY AND IT sector

We currently have 19 reviews for our training in the Technology and IT sector. Use the filters above to change the listed reviews.

"The trainer's approach made me feel very comfortable and I gained confidence quickly in my abilities as I progressed through the course. Lots of practical exercises to reinforce what I thought I knew, and yet still lots of time to go out on tangents when necessary, Fantastic. Wish I could do it again! Very excited to apply what I've learned. I wanted a training provider that offered more of a personal touch really. Everyone learns differently and I didn't like the idea of attending a seminar style course. This was anything but that, very personal, focused and enjoyable. Thank you."

Puc Covelli

Integrate Media Limited

"I had an incredibly productive training session. Thank you very much! "

Artjoms Rogozins

Ciena Ltd

"Great training course. The trainer kept us interested and engaged (as well as amused!) all of the way through some tricky aspects of the material. We have already begun the strategy of how we are going to use it, so ideal! Wise Owl was recommended to me several years ago. It is easy to find a plethora of courses out there but I would always rather go with someone with a tried and trusted reputation."

Ann-Marie Davies

Blue Prism Ltd

"Really positive from start to finish - the trainer was great."

John Harriman

Blue Prism Ltd

"Excellent course + trainer + facilities + food."

Alasdair Rose

SQL North Ltd

"Great course, really enjoyed it."

Hashim Salim

Zuhlke Engineering Limited

"Excellent as always."

Lisa De Prudhoe

DataQ Ltd

"Loved the training, everything really organised and a lot of activities to practice."

Murtaza Tirmazi

Cheshire Datasystems Ltd

"The course was very well run. Almost as good as the classroom experience! I'd previously done a SSRS course with Wise Owl and found it to be of a very high standard, with a very personable and knowledgeable trainer. It seemed like the obvious choice."

Louise Gorry

Gamma Telecom Ltd

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course especially as I had the privilege of being the only candidate. Consequently was able to discuss detailed issues related to my area of concern. Also, as it’s not a Microsoft certified course with an exam, there’s no time pressure and the trainer could be flexible about allowing some familiar aspects to be dropped so we could focus on other areas in more detail."

Phil Breeze

Sepura plc

"Great course with good content and pacing."

Alan Mort

Cheshire Datasystems Ltd

"The trainer was excellent, friendly and professional. He made the course engaging and took the time to ensure we understood."

Alex Mallender

Cheshire Datasystems Ltd

"Course was just right level. Enjoyed breaking up sessions with exercises."

Gemma Wood


"It was my first online course and I was pleasantly surprised by the setup, it was very professional and I learnt a lot. The trainer was very approachable and knowledgeable and the course was not too rigid which is exactly what I wanted."

Lorivic Lignes


"The trainer was very engaging and delivered the training in a way that was informative and easy to follow. The course content was varied and very useful."

Sherry Goodman

Advanced Business Software and Solutions

"I really liked the approachability and friendliness in the communication coming up to the course. During the course the instructor quickly adjusted to the pace I was able to go at and so we had a chance to cover a lot of content with good understanding. I really feel like I not only learnt some DAX formulas but also understood the underlying context and the way the DAX language operates. The course was very insightful, demanding but fun as well. I'd recommend it to anyone. I really appreciated the ability to run the course face to face amid all other restrictions and other schools cancelling their courses. The course content was very relevant to what I needed and the course itself didn't disappoint at all."

Justyna Wolczyk


"Our trainer was an excellent teacher - friendly, patient and knowledgeable. He went at the right pace. I would recommend your company to others."

Simon Lowndes

ISG - Information Services Group

"The trainer was able to deliver content in an engaging way that was able to take into account various levels of SQL understanding."

Jacqui Boult


"Both the trainer and the setup with virtual desktops etc were excellent and made for an effective and enjoyable course."

Tom Dooley

Blue Prism Ltd

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