Health sector - testimonials

Below are 83 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Health sector in the last 3 years.

"Good course, clear understandable trainer, great lunch."

David Tayleur

Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS Foundation Trust

"Another great course, would use again."

Daniel Carter

One Medical Group

"Fabulous trainer."

Christine Parry

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"Really helpful course and content."

Andrew Kenyon

NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence)

"The whole course has been really useful, friendly and just a great course. Given me lots of ideas to take away. Trainer is supportive and helpful. Great 2 days! Highly recommended by a number of colleagues."

Becky Leason

Department of Health

"Great pace, great content, relaxed and informal. Fun training delivered in an interesting way. The trainer was fun, polite and very knowledgeable. I've had exposure to SQL but never had any training. Was really beneficial."

Paul Wharin

NHS North of England CSU

"Trainer was enthusiastic and kept the training interesting, he was also very helpful and knowledgeable."

Stacey Dennelly

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"Just to say thank you to our trainer; his breadth of knowledge in SSRS, VBA and SQL helped me better understand it. Not the easiest product to use, but I now have learned some valuable techniques and tips around some of the bugs I have been encountering. "

Michael Taylor

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

"Best IT course I've done! Content was great, price reasonable and the person I was emailing for information was very helpful."

Rebecca Kirkby

East Coast Community Healthcare CIC

"Course was great and informative."

Ian Spencer

CAS Behavioural Health / Cygnet Health

"It was a really good course. Really good trainer, course, venue. Very helpful."

Suparna Mukherjee

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

"Very good course, well-enjoyed, well lectured."

Jianjun Wang

NHS South, Central and West CSU

"I would just like to reiterate what an enjoyable course it was and I feel I am really able to reap the benefits of it."

Linda Waterworth

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust

"(Intro Power BI course) Excellent pace for 2 days. Plenty of interaction and humour. Great lunch breaks. (DAX course) Excellent course. Very well delivered on a "tricky" topic which could have sent me slightly mad. Great pace of delivery. This is the first time I felt I could do the same course again! (Advanced Power BI course) Excellent delivery of a new course. Quick measures were very useful after the DAX course (a good compliment)."

John Pelan

Coloplast Ltd

"I enjoyed the on-line course and the pace at which it was taught. I feel I can now tackle SQL queries and hope to build my confidence in this area. The teaching was clear and well explained."

Louise France

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

"(Intro to SQL).100%. A+++. (Adv C#, Classes & LINQ). A++. Really enjoyed and very helpful course. No faults whatsoever. Will use Wise Owl again"

Tom Derbyshire

PAM Group

"Excellent course. Pitched at the perfect level. Trainer very knowledgeable and engaging and kept the course at a really good pace."

Jordan Thorp

Department of Health

"Trainer and course are engaging. Comprehensive and informative."

Andrew King

NHS Digital

"Trainer is very knowledgeable and is able to relate many examples to the various specific industries/organisations. Recommended by colleagues."

Matthew Norman


"Really good course, easy to follow. (Attended previous course.)"

Michael King

NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence)

"Very good; easy to get on with instructor. Content was perfect for my level. "

Harshal Vijapura


"We had a great trainer, who explained things well and kept us all entertained. There was loads of content covered in the course, which was great. Overall, it was a great introductory overview of SQL and I enjoyed the two days!"

Alastair Pettit

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

"Well thought out course, small class size so able to ask question; also given enough content to take away. Referred by colleague, would refer to others."

Mark Anderton


"Fab course. Loved the food."

Claire Wilcock

NHS Midlands & Lancashire CSU

"Thank you for the was at the right speed, right length and the trainer was fantastic."

Michael Martin

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

"Brilliant, well paced and pitched at the correct level for beginners as a true 'introduction.' Work related course, other colleagues previously attended and recommended."

Jess Flint

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"Excellent training course and manuals. We had a great trainer, very enthusiastic & patient! Thank you."

Caroline Riley

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"It was absolutely brilliant. Our trainer was extremely engaging throughout the whole course even though no one else had their cameras on! The content of the course offers a range of SQL skills applicable to a variety of situations - I can't wait to start using them! I can't stress how brilliantly the course was run; insightful and concise course notes in combination with excellent teaching, made for a very rewarding experience."

Dara Hughes

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust

"Very relaxed, yet informative course that covered a wide range of topics."

Ben Robinson

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

"Very knowledgeable trainer - able to answer all of our questions and issues that came up."

Lindsay Haynes

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and entertaining."

Vanessa Murray

NHS Digital

"The (small) group size really helped the learning experience."

Jack Burman

NHS Pension Scheme

"Our training group all had differing SSRS experience due to being self-taught, but the course was tailored to suit our specific needs which we really appreciated. The trainer asked for subjects we would like to focus on and this really helped us get the most out of the training. I enjoyed the course and I am looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice."

Charlotte Hall

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

"Thanks for running with just one person on the course. I have been on a few Wise Owl courses before and enjoy the style/approach employed (course materials, writing style, atmosphere in the classroom etc.)"

Magnus Windsor

Coloplast Ltd

"Trainer really helpful and informative. Content great - covered lots in enough detail."

Lyndsey Thiele

Department of Health

"Course was great. Intuitive, well constructed and patiently and expertly delivered. All questions were answered and solutions were demonstrated even though they may not have been part of the structure. I'd happily choose and recommend this course to others and as part of my own professional development, would potentially be asking for further training from Wise Owl."

Andrew Smith

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

"Explanations made perfect sense and the course flowed well."

Vikki Lewis

NHS South, Central and West CSU

"Really useful and informative course. Although I had some knowledge of PBI the additional detail was really helpful."

Ian Connolly

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

"Trainer was very engaging. Content was well thought out and relative. Good to keep the material to look at afterwards."

Ian Wilson

NHS Pension Scheme

"Exceptional training. Thank you."

Mathew Jacob

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

"The trainer was very friendly, patient and pleasant in delivering the course."

Rachel Mak


"Loved the course. Very well structured, taught me new things and reinforced the SQL knowledge I already had. Trainer was amiable and made everyone feel welcome and also patient when people struggled to grasp certain points. Course material and additional handouts are excellent."

Tom Langhorne

NHS Pension Scheme

"Very useful course content and manuals as usual. Can't wait to get started in the 'real world.' Used Wise Owl before, so already converts."

Alison Phiri


"Great to have a friendly and approachable trainer, who was fantastically knowledgeable."

Jaron Inward

NHS Herts Valleys CCG

"Covered a great deal of content over the two days at a good pace."

Graham Sellors

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"The trainer was very helpful."

Kevin Whipps


"The trainer was very well informed, keen to help and able to communicate the topics clearly & at the right pace."

Craig Murphy

Coloplast Ltd

"Fantastic course for beginners, delivered excellently by the trainer. The content of the course was perfect, covering everything needed plus giving more information in the course booklet. The exercises were well planned and very useful. Will recommend to everyone in the NHS!"

Craig Benson

NHS Digital

"Trainer was excellent, incredibly engaging, made it very enjoyable. Covered everything needed. Overall very good course."

Sarah Kirkham-Brown

NHS South, Central and West CSU

"Course manual looks really detailed and a great reference. Also glad that it includes some things that weren't necessarily covered in the course eg subscriptions. Excellent course overall. The trainer was really helpful and engaging. Used a lot of Wise Owl material online which is brilliant."

Matt Curley

NHS Digital

"Brilliant, great trainer. Very educational and entertaining."

Andy Cook

Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS Foundation Trust

"Really clear, well paced, enthusiastic trainer."

Richard Jones

Amplifon UK

"This is the best SQL course I've ever been on. The pace of the course was perfect, the trainer was very patient and knowledgeable. It's brilliant to leave it with a collection of material I can refer to and practically use going forward. Thank you so much again. This course was researched and recommended by a colleague in my team. I'm glad he picked this, as it was very, very good."

Michael Kellagher

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

"The subject (MS SQL) could be, or even should be, a very dry and dull one. At all points the trainer managed to keep the course and the subject light and engaging. Given he had to put up with the students (myself included) often being on mute (for this online course) that must have taken considerable effort. A job very well done."

Simon Barker

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions."

Rohan Smith

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"Very useful content overall. Has given me more confidence."

Jane Sims

NHS Herts Valleys CCG

"Really engaging style and adaptable approach within the course. Have previously had courses delivered by Wise Owl."

Paul Horwood


"Really useful course taught at a good pace for all. It was recommended to me from a colleague and I have recommended to others."

Shaun Rowark

NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence)

"Really excellent course - a brilliant (& entertaining) trainer. Good pace, good explanation. Will definitely be recommending when I get back to the office! Good introduction to SSIS - excellent course outline on website. Recommendation came from manager."

Elspeth Clark

Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS Foundation Trust

"Trainer was clear and courteous throughout, planning breaks at well timed periods. The course delivery was professional while remaining informal enough to be interesting and relaxed, moving everybody forwards at a steady pace without anybody being left behind."

David Birkhead

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust

"Course content, pace and trainer were great. Really enjoyable course, all clearly explained, left feeling confident and can't wait to put into practice."

Stuart Harris

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

"Brilliant course, thank you for an enjoyable two days."

Jamie Weavers

East Coast Community Healthcare CIC

"This course was really interesting. One of the plus sides for me was that I was the only one on the course so the trainer adapted the course to suit my needs, and he helped me with a problem that I have been having. I'm glad I did choose to do this course and think I will be signing up for the DAX course to complete my knowledge."

Jennie Styles


"Really enjoyed the course. I know this course isn't normally run online but I think it worked really well and was very engaging. The exercises were great as a way of practice and being able to keep all the documents to refer to in future is really helpful. A great trainer, lovely guy and very willing to help and answer our questions."

Chloe Dyche

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"Great knowledge, great professional, friendly and helpful trainer. Thanks; highly recommend as the best training material as well as trainer."

Nicky Sabetpour

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"Well prepared. Great hospitality. Training recommended by a consultant."

Richard Brooks


"Excellent trainer whose enthusiasm was infectious and helped to make what might otherwise have been dull content interesting and engaging. The content was thorough and has given me much more confidence to further develop my skills using SQL. An excellent 3-day course."

James Berehowskyj

DHU Healthcare CIC

"Probably the most engaging course I've done."

Jo Wright

Derby and Burton Hospitals NHS FT

"Great delivery of course, very knowledgeable and very helpful. This is the second course I have been on in the last 3 months, both have helped me enormously. Thank you!"

Deanne Yates

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

"Really enjoyed the course. Good balance of seeing and doing learning! Good material to continue consolidating the learning after the course."

Ellie Richardson


"Really good content."

Philip McTiernan

Department of Health

"The trainer was great - knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. Would definitely recommend Wise Owl; colleagues had recommended the course and I can see why."

Lacey Tudur

NHS South, Central and West CSU

"Great that we have course manuals. Content great, great pace. Excellent trainer willing to customise learning. Recommended by two colleagues. Will recommend."

Aiden Lonergan

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

"Very well thought out - I like how the course has been structured to build on each subsequent topic. Also I should say how useful your online videos are - they were essential for me working alone - they reminded me what a good company Wise Owl is."

Mark Davies

NIHR Academy

"Really impressed - very thorough manuals and excellent trainer."

Rich Sanders

NHS South, Central and West CSU

"Fantastic courses with an engaging trainer. Content and pace was perfect."

Andrew Witt

Coloplast Ltd

"Found the course content really engaging and not overwhelming. Great location and good course content."

Sarah Fitzgerald

One Medical Group

"The course was very good and the instructor knows his stuff. The atmosphere was brilliant and I'll always recommend Wise Owl to other colleagues."

Edward Blankson


"The course was exceptional. The trainer's knowledge was shockingly good. He clearly has a very in-depth understanding. It definitely gave me an insight and confidence to develop my skills. Well done and thanks Wise Owl."

Elliot Knaggs

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

"Enjoyed (all 3) courses very much; well paced and delivered. Friendly/approachable trainer. Help when needed but also able to puzzle my way through when I wanted. Interesting subject & look forward to using/developing it."

Amanda Gilby

Coloplast Ltd

"Very useful and practical. Enjoyable and fun!"

Sade Tolani

NHS Herts Valleys CCG

"Manual and exercise book excellent tools for practice. User friendly website, clearly defined course content and scheduling."

Mark Ingle

Ortho Solutions UK Ltd

"This was excellent training. The trainer was very helpful and knowledgeable. He also tailored the course very well to our varying skill levels and interests. We all really enjoyed the course and learned a lot."

Rachel Wallace

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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