Central government sector - testimonials

Below are 14 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Central government sector in the last 3 years.

"Well taught course; trainer always happy to answer questions and go back over content."

Paul Bremner

Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

"The course was really good as I spent most of the time actually using SQL myself, focusing on the practical rather than theoretical. Although, lots of material was provided to take away."

Georgina Smalldridge

Home Office

"There was a lot to take in (especially in day 2) but the course materials are so extensive I feel confident I'll be able to find out how to do anything I might have forgotten."

Steve Pilkington

Department for Education

"Superb! Excellent content, good coverage, manuals are super, the web tutorials look great too! I will recommend."

Tracy Little

Department for Education

"Very detailed and well taught."

Vinay Pereira

BNY Mellon

"Very clear, helpful trainer, good examples. Price was very good!"

Linda Fownes

Department for Education

"Incredibly useful to have a detailed manual to take away. Course covered everything I need to know to be able to go away and continue learning. The trainer was enthusiastic and very helpful."

Maddy Gorka

Department for Education

"Well structured, learned a lot. The trainer was very approachable in terms of questions and put in extra effort to hunt down answers to tricky problems. The lunches were also a nice touch, better than the usual packs of sandwiches you are given. Will definitely be applying a lot of what I learnt to my day-to-day work. The Wise Owl course seemed one of the few to take the learning beyond the real basics to intermediate level."

James Gallucci

Home Office

"Covered everything we needed at a great pace. Manuals and exercise solutions very complete. The materials online gave confidence in the ability of trainers and course content meeting requirements. Thanks for putting up with (and answering) all our questions. Overall, all as expected and a good venue in a great location - thanks very much."

J Morgan

Welsh Assembly Government

"The course covered everything I wanted and more, the trainer was fantastic."

James Fleet

Legal Aid Agency

"Course was fantastic, very well presented. The trainer was approachable and helpful and clearly explained course content. I would recommend (and will do) to others on team."

Paul Madden

Department for Education

"Really enjoyed this course. Pitched at exactly the right level and the trainer explained everything really well and went the extra mile. Good website and clear details about the course contents."

Dave Richardson

Crown Commercial Service

"Really well thought out course full of useful info. Manuals provided look thorough. Trainer was great!"

Emma Bahlaj

Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

"Good pace. Trainer very attentive, no-one was left behind."

David Byrne

Department for Education

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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