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29 attributed reviews for the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT sector

We currently have 29 reviews for our training in the Central government sector. Use the filters above to change the listed reviews.

"Course worked really well online. The virtual desktop and course material were really good. Worked just as well as attending in person."

Anna McReady

Valuation Office Agency

"I really enjoyed this course. I've done a number of courses over the years (not Wise Owl Training and not PBI), but this was head and shoulders above the others. It might be that I was interested in learning about the topic, but the whole experience was seamless. The pre-course IT check was an important detail (I did a course the previous week with another provider and this beset with IT issues upon starting). Using the remote desktop meant I had easy access to the data and the trainer could see when I did something wrong. The trainer was also very good. I'd actually be happy to do another online course again (even after Covid) - I didn't feel like I lost anything by doing it this way. It was booked for me - but I'm glad the person who booked it, chose Wise Owl."

Stuart Andrews

Valuation Office Agency

"Good pace, good humour, kept SQL 'lively'."

Neil Hemmings

Valuation Office Agency

"It ran really smoothly. A great trainer - very thorough, goes at a good pace and is able to answer questions well. Course materials are also great."

Zoe Anastasiou

Valuation Office Agency

"The pace at which this course was delivered and overall content was fantastic. "

Kim Cowell

Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA)

"The Trainer was great. The pace was quick enough to keep you focused but not so quick that we got lost. He was very good at talking us through any problems we encountered."

Morgan McGreevy

Valuation Office Agency

"Really enjoyed the course. Super useful and applicable to my new role. Will definitely consider Wise Owl for future training. "

Ben Burak

Home Office

"Overall a very enjoyable, very informative and easy to follow course with a good link between the training and exercises. The pack sent out was excellent and couldn't speak highly enough of our trainer who was always on hand at the end of session/break and lunch to run through any additional questions."

Darren Waters

Valuation Office Agency

"I very much enjoyed this course and learned a lot – it was a very intellectually stimulating experience! We had an excellent trainer who offered valuable advice as a consultant. Particularly, in the face of the challenges of coming into a new environment and facing unknown systems. Thank you very much for your professionalism, expertise, and prompt responses. It has been a pleasure working with you."

Carraig Dillon

Department for Education

"I thought that our trainer was excellent and made the two days a really enjoyable and informative experience."

Robert Smith

Valuation Office Agency

"Possibly the most useful training course I've attended in 20 years! Looking forward to putting the learning into practice and I feel confident doing so with the training materials and annotated pbix files that have been provided. Great stuff."

Jon Nagl

Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA)

"The course was brilliant! Covered a lot of DAX which was the area of Power BI I struggled with most."

Becca Laidlow

Valuation Office Agency

"The most useful training course I have been on."

Andrew Jordan

Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA)

"We had an exceptional instructor who, as well as being incredibly knowledgeable, had the patience and understanding to adapt his teaching to each student. Would highly recommend for individual and team training. Course content was on point as well, which was the main reason to go with Wise Owl."

Tony Woolacott

British Tourist Authority

"I thought this course was really great, really comprehensive and easy to follow. Having the course materials sent out is also really helpful for work after the course. The trainer was amazing! He was so personable and patient and it must be so hard to to teach not in a standard classroom environment, but he did a wonderful job and left a really great lasting impression."

Bev Power-Wealls

Valuation Office Agency

"Completely changed my understanding of working with data."

Deepak Thakur

Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA)

"All very useful & being able to take everything away to review on my own will be very useful. Other people in the team have done the course before and recommended."

Jason Thomas

Crown Commercial Service

"3 excellent courses and the trainer helped me so much."

Edward Wenham

Crown Commercial Service

"Really good course brought alive by the trainer with some really good examples. Very clear in his delivery and explanation. The logic of the course was good and made sense building on previous work."

James Houlihan

Crown Commercial Service

"Excellent training, well paced and engaging delivery of the training."

Andy Dowling

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

"Our trainer was absolutely fantastic! He explained very well the contents of the course and was very helpful."

Matteo Paravelli

Home Office

"This course worked perfectly for me. The trainer was patient, engaging and very knowledgeable. There was enough hands on material for me to feel really confident in using Power BI and DAX and I could really see the practical applications of the course content in my day-to-day role. The course documentation has proved to be invaluable reference material helping to consolidate the skills learned."

Thomas Claughton

Valuation Office Agency

"We had a great trainer who made the content easy to digest."

Samantha Turpin

Crown Commercial Service

"Excellent course, both content and delivery. Very impressed with trainer's knowledge and use of practical examples, as well as his willingness to explore useful areas outside the normal course syllabus."

Jack Looman

Crown Commercial Service

"Pace, content etc spot on."

Gareth Clubb

Crown Commercial Service

"Info was delivered well in an easy to understand way. Going through info as we went and writing the queries with explanations was helpful. Relating it to how we will work with our data was also very useful. A very good course!"

Lucas Crowe

Home Office

"Great materials (eg tables & databases) - supplying laptops and the packs was great. Had a wonderful trainer who explains things very well, offers help where appropriate & charismatic."

Chris Linehan

Home Office

"The trainer was brilliant, really knew the subject well and I loved the flow of the course. I had used PBI in the past without any formal training, now feel I can go back into PBI and do things correctly. Documenting work is always an issue and was provided with some really good tips when developing PBI reports. Great course."

Ranjit Rai

Valuation Office Agency

"I thought this was a really good course and would definitely recommend. It helped that there were only three of us and I felt I could ask questions at any point. The course content was good and covered Power BI really well. The trainer was also really nice and gave us the opportunity to talk to him, before or after the course if we needed a hand with anything."

Banita Mistry

Valuation Office Agency

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