Central government sector - testimonials

Below are 22 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Central government sector in the last 3 years.

"Thoroughly (& surprisingly!) enjoyed this course. Thanks!"

Wendi Slater

Public Health England

"Excellent course, both content and delivery. Very impressed with trainer's knowledge and use of practical examples, as well as his willingness to explore useful areas outside the normal course syllabus."

Jack Looman

Crown Commercial Service

"Course was fantastic, very well presented. The trainer was approachable and helpful and clearly explained course content. I would recommend (and will do) to others on team."

Paul Madden

Department for Education

"Great materials (eg tables & databases) - supplying laptops and the packs was great. Had a wonderful trainer who explains things very well, offers help where appropriate & charismatic."

Chris Linehan

Home Office

"Good pace, good humour, kept SQL 'lively'."

Neil Hemmings

Valuation Office Agency

"Good pace. Trainer very attentive, no-one was left behind."

David Byrne

Department for Education

"Very thorough and detailed. USB to save our work is very useful, rather than just taking a manual away. Great lunch and friendly trainer."

Rebecca Dyer-Grant

Department for Education

"I very much enjoyed this course and learned a lot – it was a very intellectually stimulating experience! We had an excellent trainer who offered valuable advice as a consultant. Particularly, in the face of the challenges of coming into a new environment and facing unknown systems. Thank you very much for your professionalism, expertise, and prompt responses. It has been a pleasure working with you."

Carraig Dillon

Department for Education

"We had a great trainer who made the content easy to digest."

Samantha Turpin

Crown Commercial Service

"3 excellent courses and the trainer helped me so much."

Edward Wenham

Crown Commercial Service

"Really enjoyed this course. Pitched at exactly the right level and the trainer explained everything really well and went the extra mile. Good website and clear details about the course contents."

Dave Richardson

Crown Commercial Service

"Great course! Everything is explained really well, makes you know why you are doing what you are doing."

Mitalee Pisavadia

Public Health England

"Really good course brought alive by the trainer with some really good examples. Very clear in his delivery and explanation. The logic of the course was good and made sense building on previous work."

James Houlihan

Crown Commercial Service

"Completely changed my understanding of working with data."

Deepak Thakur

Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA)

"Great delivery of content at good pace. Ensured everyone stayed in pace. The exercises were great to work through to solidify the learning."

Mercy Otiena

Department for Education

"All very useful & being able to take everything away to review on my own will be very useful. Other people in the team have done the course before and recommended."

Jason Thomas

Crown Commercial Service

"Chose the course as a colleague had been recommended Wise Owl, the content also looked like it suited my needs as a complete beginner to SQL. Really useful intro to SQL. I had previous experience but feel we've covered a lot of info in a clear & understandable way."

Sophie Scanlon

Public Health England

"Info was delivered well in an easy to understand way. Going through info as we went and writing the queries with explanations was helpful. Relating it to how we will work with our data was also very useful. A very good course!"

Lucas Crowe

Home Office

"Great course that was easy to follow and the trainer was excellent."

Ashu Sehgal

Public Health England

"Excellent training, well paced and engaging delivery of the training."

Andy Dowling

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

"Pace, content etc spot on."

Gareth Clubb

Crown Commercial Service

"The trainer's enthusiasm was really energising. Really appreciated his commitment to queries and support."

Matt Smith

Department for Education

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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