Accountancy and consultancy services sector - testimonials

Below are 21 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Accountants and consultants sector in the last 3 years.

"Really valuable training course and well laid out in structure."

Gwenllian Jones


"The trainer was excellent in helping me out when I ran into issues. He was patient with the group and ensured we all fully understood all concepts/theory."

James Atkinson


"Hands on course that will enable me to hit the ground running when I will need to use Power BI for analytics. Trainer is very knowledge and very easy to follow. The course covers a lot of topics and I reckon it is well structured. All in all, very satisfied with the Wise Owl offering!"

Carlo Pisoni


"We had one of the best tutors I've met, brilliant at teaching, explained very complex concepts very easily."

Boris Arkhipov


"Very well structured and easy to understand through the examples provided. The trainer was incredibly friendly and engaging making the course a pleasure to attend. Course was recommended by experienced colleagues."

René Küüsvek


"Excellent course content! Easy to understand exercises really help topics to be digested."

Andy Hughes


"Surprisingly fun and interesting. Very well done and organised. The trainer was very enthusiastic and very good at answering unique questions with on the spot examples."

Thomas Felton


"I learnt a lot, pace was perfect so that everyone kept up and could follow. Good mix of class examples & solo exercises. Great how the course built up from no knowledge through the examples/exercises. Thank you for answering all my Q's!"

Emily Winter


"Trainer was very well versed and understood Excel well. Brilliant teacher."

Shakib Ullah


"Loved the detailed explanation on the structure of the VBA code and the intuition behind it."

Saatvik Bansal


"Excellent engaging trainer."

Sanjith Nambiar


"Having previously attended a Wise Owl course in person, no value was lost through attending the course virtually and I was impressed by the technology used in order to ensure a smooth virtual training course. We had a fantastic trainer - he gave really helpful tips throughout both days and his energy and enthusiasm kept me engaged and interested. I particularly appreciated the way he could see what we were doing on screen and would step in with tips and pointers to prompt us and enable us to learn and progress."

Laura Bushnell


"We had a great trainer and he was always happy to explain the logic behind each command/function."

George Mason


"Really enjoyable course with the trainer's good humour; made an intense couple of days very accessible. Content was well structured & was at a good pace to not feel bored or too fast!"

Harry Matthews


"Fantastic course & great that it included lunch."

Jenny Barden

Mitchell Charlesworth LLP

"Good content taught well, engaging and surprisingly useful. Top teacher, friendly & made the courses as fun as possible. Thanks for the cake!"

Akaash Rajput


"I thought the course was really well organised and it was clear that your team had thought through the online element. I think it had the right tone and balance between examples and hands on practice. Very much enjoyed and thought the advanced elements covered i.e. beyond XLOOKUP were explained well and will be hopefully useful going forward."

Mathew Pinkney


"Very enthusiastic teacher. Content very relevant. Fast paced which stops you losing focus."

Harry Millward


"Amazing trainer and very relevant content of the training. Thank you so much."

Henrieta Suchankova


"Great trainer - made sure whole class kept up and personable. Patient and open with the class to ask questions. Great examples - course books & exercises very helpful."

Faisal Ahmad


"Really well put together course and I came away learning lots. I found the online teaching format highly suitable and didn't feel like my learning was impacted by this. Hopefully I'll be able to refer back to some of the exercises in the near future and consolidate my understanding."

Lucas Gurney


Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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